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The profits from this blockchain NFT initiative are directed to supporting environmental work

Moving Images has unveiled a new blockchain NFT initiative to fund vital environmental work. The project is designed to tackle the climate crisis by making one-of-a-kind, collectible and limited release NFTs whose profits are donated to environmental charities. The first NFT collection from Moving Images is the first and only NFT collection that celebrates the opening of London’s latest tube line – named the Elizabeth line after Queen Elizabeth II.

The first images in the Moving Images NFT collection were created on the opening day of the Elizabeth line. There are a total of 70 images in the collection, each marking one year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Moving Images will list these unique NFTs on one by one in addition to displaying some pieces on Instagram. 

“These are the first Elizabeth line NFTs in existence, and they celebrate an important milestone for Queen Elizabeth II,” says Moving Images founder Christian Walker. “By buying one of these NFTs, you can own a piece of history.”

In order to ensure that each piece is 100% unique, Moving Images produces only one piece of each NFT so no two NFTs will ever be the same. By producing limited pieces per collection, Moving Images ensures that collector value remains high. NFT holders can therefore take pride in owning never before seen pieces of art

The images created by the team at Moving Images revolve around themes of world travel and the natural world, based on photos taken from all over the world by the team. This first collection, which was created on May 24, 2022 – just in time for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – is a truly collectible set. 

All the NFTs created by Moving Images are designed to support important environmental work. The profits from these NFTs go to environmental causes that are chosen quarterly. With this project model, the team at Moving Images is creating artwork for a better world.

The Moving Images project team will be revealing more information on their first partner and upcoming collections. Updates will be announced on their website and on Instagram.

About Moving Images NFTs

Moving Images NFTs is a blockchain NFT initiative that supports environmental work. The profits generated from each NFT sale are directed to supporting environmental charities. This project was built to tackle the climate crisis by creating unique, collectible, limited release NFTs to raise funds for vital environmental work.

Media Contact

Media Contact: Moving Images

Contact Person: Christian Walker

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Country: United Kingdom


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