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Toronto, Canada– Kryptosino, the Shiba Casino, is a fresh addition to the growing repertoire of crypto casinos – online casinos that use cryptocurrency transactions. Kryptosino is crypto-exclusive, with all deposits and withdrawals made through a built-in crypto wallet that currently accepts twelve different cryptocurrencies. For interested players with no crypto savings, the site includes an in-house cryptocurrency store that lets players buy any of the supported cryptocurrencies with no transaction fee.

There are multiple concrete advantages to crypto casinos, such as Kryptosino, over conventional online casinos. The most obvious ones come from the ease and simplicity of crypto transactions in comparison to regular cash transactions. All deposits and withdrawals are instant and direct, with no verifications or KYC checks, which allows for complete anonymity. Transactions can be done through all popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance, Monero, Tron, Tether, Dash, Dogecoin, Zcash, BitcoinCash, and many more. The players that don’t have Crypto yet can use Kryptosino’s built-in service to instantly buy any of the listed cryptocurrencies using their credit card or e-wallet. Players who wish to step up their anonymity by an extra level may also freely use a VPN, as Kryptosino is 100% VPN-friendly.

The factor that sets Kryptosino apart from other crypto casinos is its generous bonus offers. New players can choose between one of two different welcome bonuses upon making their first deposit. The first is a $500 Wager Free Bonus which grants a 100% bonus worth up to $500 for minimum deposits of $20 or more – players can request a withdrawal at any time they want. The other option is a $1000 Wagering Bonus, which also grants a 100% bonus worth up to $1000 for minimum deposits of $20 or more.

The real catch comes in the form of Kryptosino’s highly innovative Loyalty Program, which rewards players who take greater risks and enjoy playing long game sessions. The instant Rakeback system accumulates 10% of the house edge for every bet, and players can collect the bonus whenever they like. The Cashback system follows the same principle: players accumulate 5% of the house edge for every bet they place. The Cashback bonus is released on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis. Each of the three pools can be cashed out after the end of their corresponding period, whenever the players want to. This means that, in combination with the Rakeback bonus, players get 25% of the house edge.

Additional rewards can be won via Kryptosino’s ranking system, which features six major stages with five levels each. Players level up by increasing their total lifetime wager, and reaching every major stage grants a special milestone reward, with the total prize worth $1.8 million in cash. Kryptosino also includes Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Leaderboards, where players are ranked according to their total wagered sum during the corresponding timeframe. The top 5 players on each leaderboard qualify for extra cash prizes.

More exclusive rewards are available via membership in Kryptosino’s invite-only VIP Club, which is awarded to particularly loyal and devoted players. VIP Club members will be granted a personal VIP Manager, along with a custom benefits package and an increased Cashback percentage.

Kryptosino’s highly innovative solutions are already showing potential to completely revolutionize the world’s online casino market. This is a movement that you can also contribute to.

Exclusively, you can join the Kryptosino community and get a glimpse of the future of online casino gaming. Kryptosino is also live and active on Telegram via

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