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Drainage Team announced the launch of an updated website as part of its continued expansion to new locations in and around St. Louis. The updated website features an online consultation scheduler and links to the company’s social media channels.

Visit the updated website at

The updated website has been developed to offer clients a more user-friendly experience and provides comprehensive descriptions of the types of stormwater management solutions by Drainage Team.

Water damage is one of the most significant threats to homes, buildings, and landscaped projects and is often the result of poor drainage, improper erosion control, lack of stormwater management, and lack of waterproofing. Robust water management is critical to prevent long-term structural damage and all associated health hazards including the proliferation of mold.

Drainage Team works with both residential, commercial, and governmental clients to provide long-term, permanent solutions to stormwater and erosion problems. The company utilizes the most advanced techniques and equipment to solve a wide range of water problems, including those related to erosion, drainage, and other stormwater issues.

Drainage solutions offered by the company include installation of downspout piping, external sump pumps, and a variety of drains including French, trench, and channel drains. Erosion prevention services include the establishment of vegetation in creek restoration, stabilization of stormwater ponds, installation of retaining walls, and slope erosion repair.

As part of their stormwater basin solutions, Drainage Team creates retention basins, commonly known as “wet ponds,” bioretention basins, and bioswales. Bioretention basins filter stormwater sedimentation and contamination and bioswales filter stormwater through combinations of vegetation and rock, while retention basins and ponds prevent flooding and downstream erosion.

Basement waterproofing is also a focal area of the company, which includes the reparation of foundation cracks, basement wall encapsulation and sealing, and basement dehumidification.

About Drainage Team

Founded in 1997, Drainage Team is a locally owned company providing stormwater management solutions to clients in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

A spokesperson for the agency noted, “With 25 years of experience, we continually stay abreast of new developments within the industry to serve as a one-stop company that offers a range of stormwater and erosion solutions for all types of properties.”

Interested parties can find more information on Drainage Team by visiting their updated website at

Drainage Team
541 Old State Road

United States

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