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Los Angeles, CA – Lemon law in California is put in place to protect consumers, especially those who purchased a defective car. Many people are aware of the lemon law as it applies to new vehicles, however, they are unsure as to their next move after purchasing a used lemon car. Consumer Action Law Group guides its community members and provides legal representation in such cases.

California residents who have always had the “does lemon law apply to used cars” question on their minds can now rest assured as the team of attorneys answer Yes and offer representation to them. The lead attorney at the law firm, answering the question, said: “Lemon laws for vehicles apply to both new and used vehicles. Under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, the used car lemon law is applicable to vehicles that come with a written express warranty. However, the state and federal lemon laws for used cars are different. In general, the lemon law is a federal consumer protection law; which means it’s valid in all 50 states. The new car lemon law protection works similarly in most states, but the particulars may be different in various states.”

California residents who feel cheated and would love to explore protection under California lemon law are welcome to schedule an appointment with the legal team at Consumer Action Law Group. The lemon lawyers attend to used car lemon cases wherein the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, yet the client has made two or more attempts to fix a singular issue with the vehicle. They are also open to used car owners who have made one to two or more repair attempts to fix a specific issue that can cause serious injury or death. Clients whose used cars have been with the dealership for more than 30 days are also welcome to schedule an appointment.

The lead California lemon law attorney noted that used car owners do not have to leave their vehicles for 30 consecutive days within the warranty period to qualify. However, they can count the 30 days anyhow within the warranty period to qualify to have their case considered.

The legal team at Consumer Action Law Group ensures that clients are offered a breakdown of information to enable clarity and help them protect their rights and interest. The lemon lawyers have a track record of taking on complex cases and winning compensation for their clients.

Schedule an appointment with the lemon lawyers to get started. Their office is located at 3700 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90065, United States. Clients can call Consumer Action Law Group at (818) 254-8413 or visit their website for more information.

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