Rose Quartz & Shungite Crystal Confetti


New Crystal Confetti Scoops, contain a rich cross-section of popular natural crystals that are known for their healing energies and aesthetic beauty. This includes popular stones like rose quartz, amethyst, jasper, tiger’s eye, and black onyx, as well as other more varied stones such as carnelian, moonstone, howlite, labradorite, obsidian, fluorite, garnet, shungite, kyanite, chalcedony, moss agate, green aventurine and more.

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The launch of the confetti scoops coincides with the ongoing rise in the popularity of crystal healing in the US. A recent expose from Vox, in connection with the Pew Research Center, showed that crystals are now a billion-dollar industry, with 42% of all US adults stating that they have experienced their spiritual energy.

Stones included in Edy’s Treasures bundles are popularly associated with this powerful spiritual energy. For example, rose quartz is believed to promote self-love and create deep feelings of inner peace. Likewise, amethyst is used by alternative healing practitioners to relieve stress, soothe irritability, and balance hormones.

As such, the store believes their new bundle offers their customers both the remarkable beauty of these colorful and scintillating stones as well as an array of healing qualities.

A spokesperson for the store said, “With a selection of nice-sized crystals and stones, our Confetti Scoops are a great deal. They give you all the benefits of crystals and are a lot of fun.”

The bundles feature a mixture of raw crystal chunks as well as colorful chips and polished stones. A selection of surprise gifts is also included in these bundles. Customers will enjoy surprise items like chakra kits and jewelry, including crystal bracelets, herbal teas, and more.

Edy’s Treasures are currently retailing single scoops and packages of three scoops, for those customers who want to share the crystal energy throughout their home and workplace, or amongst friends and family.

In addition to their new Crystal Confetti Scoops, the store retails a number of other wellness and lifestyle items, including gemstone collection kits, aromatherapy candles and incense, plant-based and vegan foods, and more.

Edy’s Treasures is run by CEO and Founder Danielle Lane. The store is passionate about providing high-quality unique lifestyle products and high-level customer service. They ship across the US.

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