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Jensen Family Law in Glendale AZ Opens a New Location for Their Family Law Attorney in Glendale AZ

Studies have found that almost 50% of all marriages in the United States will end in a divorce or separation. The alarming statistic makes it imperative for individuals and families to secure themselves in the event of a negative downturn. Taking the growing number of statistics into account, the family lawyers at Jensen Family Law in Glendale AZ have expanded their office and are now present in Glendale, AZ. Their presence in the area aims to cater to the needs of individuals and families who may be going through the tough process of divorce or separation.

Announcing their new location in Glendale, AZ, the lead attorney at the law firm noted that the office will be staffed with experienced family lawyers with years of practice experience and a trail of successful cases. The lead attorney added that their attorneys would use their experience to each client’s advantage, making sure that clients get the compassionate service and aggressive legal representation needed to help them through their dilemmas.

New clients considering a divorce can schedule a consultation meeting with the Divorce and Family Law Attorneys in Glendale AZ, to discuss their situation and the next step to take. The attorneys will help clients to analyze their current situation and tell them the truth about possible outcomes of the case. Clients can also use the advice given as leverage to improve their chances of walking away from the union without issues. Those whose spouses have taken the first step and served them divorce papers can also reach out to the attorneys to discuss the next steps to take and how to protect themselves from any retaliatory acts.

The divorce and family law attorneys at the Glendale, AZ office can also advise on legal separation and how it differs from a divorce. The team has a history of presenting clients with the facts to help them decide the best line of action for themselves and all parties involved. In addition to representing clients in divorce and separation matters, the Female Divorce Lawyer in Glendale AZ, also represents clients in all other common disputes like annulments, child support, child custody, divorce mediation for highly volatile divorce cases, prenuptial agreements, adoptions, grandparents rights in Arizona, etc.

Couples planning to start their lives together can visit the new Glendale, AZ office to discuss Prenuptial Agreements in Glendale AZ. The family lawyers will put them through the benefits of a prenuptial agreement and make sure that the client gets all the help needed to draft, review, and sign the agreement into effect. Clients who are already married can also contact them to discuss the benefits of a postnuptial agreement and how they can obtain one.

Those who feel cheated due to their spouse’s misrepresentation of events leading to marriage can contact them for help on Annulments, the conditions for it, and how it’s done. The family lawyers are familiar with Arizona’s grounds for a marriage annulment and can appropriately guide their clients through the process with ease. Unlike a divorce, an annulment cancels all existing marital records, thus leaving the partners without a record of the annulled marriage.

Glendale, AZ residents who are already in a divorce battle with their partners but having problems reaching amicable agreements over assets division and other important arrangements, can contact Jensen Family Law in Glendale AZ for mediation help. The attorneys, describing their divorce mediation service, said:

“A divorce mediation, quite simply, places the power to reach a settlement with you. It encourages a working relationship by opening the lines of communication through the use of a neutral third party. Beyond the specific facts and laws, underlying causes for disagreements you and your spouse are having may be discussed. As the divorce mediator in Glendale AZ helps you understand each of your ex’s interests – and vice versa – future disputes may be averted, or at least dealt with in a more constructive fashion. Involvement with the legal system is minimal, and costs may be greatly reduced. All in all, dispute resolution professionals find that mediation can be an effective, inexpensive, relatively quick, and emotionally less traumatic means of resolving separation and divorce issues. And it provides a way for couples to deal with the reality that, in many cases, putting the dream of marriage to rest is harder than the divorce itself.”

Jensen Family Law in Glendale AZ remains committed to protecting individuals and the sacred institution of marriage. They do this by using the law appropriately to shield and protect their clients. Their new Glendale, AZ office is located at 7075 West Bell Road Suite 5, Glendale, AZ 85308 USA. They can be reached via phone at (602) 834-8585 or through their website.

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