Full acquaintance with a professional Iranian artist who has special skills in fields such as photography and directing kiarash kavian

kiarash kavian was born in 1990

Apart from being a professional photographer and director;

He is also a compiler, poet and graphic artist.

kiarash kavian started his photography career after graduating in 2007 and worked in a studio in Qazvin.

After a while, he went to Tehran to expand his profession and interest, and attended all the concerts of actors and singers.

Beautiful photos have gained a good reputation and set up a studio for themselves.

kiarash kavian realized his talents in his youth and after his photography career, he started directing and started collaborating for singers and artists in the field of sharp advertising;

designing advertising covers.


design and filming of Navid Mohammadzadeh Theater with the names:

  1. Living class theater program
  2. Endless lessons

Homayoun Shajarian’s album cover design

  1. Night song
  2. The land of my lovers
  3. The air of your whispers
  4. Do not blow on the wind
  5. My heart is crying

Design and filming of Reza Sadeghi music video:

  1. Tehran
  2. City of Chaos

Cover design by Mohammad Motamedi

  1. Look at me
  2. Desert
  3. Moonlight tears
  4. Ms. Leila
  5. Restlessness
  6. Temptation
    And other goats includingBehrouz Vosoughi, Asghar Farhai, Googoosh, Alireza Ghorbani, Hooman Sidi, Ali Zand Vakili and ……

kiarash kavian is also proficient in songwriting and literature, so he was able to sign a contract with the largest music and concert company in Iran, Mr. Hossein Tutunchian, the director of Phoenix Company, and direct more than 100 music videos in pop and classical style.

The music of the star’s tears in Budabar’s album, which shone all over the world, and in addition to the beautiful permanence of this style in all branches of BUDDHA BAR in the world, including France, Spain, America, UAE, Greece, etc., was regularly presented to the audience.

It was kiarash kavian

Finally,kiarash kavian Aziz was able to register his magazine, a digital magazine called Fotojimi that completed its first issue. in processing





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