Hollywood, CA, 6th June 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, DeFiMon is developing a free-to-play (F2P) gaming system that engages players through a unique rewards model. Through its collection of mini-games the DeFiMon Arcade addresses the problem of typical high-cost, low return systems that plague the Crypto space today. The innovative F2P model brings more advantages and rewards to gamers-on-the-go.

What is DeFiMon Arcade?

The DeFiMon Arcade, part of the DeFiWorld Pavilion, provides a sustainable ecosystem gaming platform while simultaneously giving clients an opportunity to earn. DeFiMon Arcade will offer NFTs, staking, reward pools and more.

The project team sees an opportunity to become a key player in the growing DeFi hyper-casual gaming marketplace. Towards this goal, the team is developing an innovative free-to-play ecosystem that rewards gamers while they compete for weekly prize pools, monthly leaderboard championships for prizes, and annual tournaments that award top ranking competitors.

What is the DeFiWorld Pavilion?

The Pavilion encapsulates the gaming ecosystem that is the DeFiWorld. This area hosts many functions such as NFTs (DeFiDroids) minting, staking, gaming, investment and utility zones.

What is a DeFiDroid?

DeFiDroids, manufactured by the SerTek Corporation, are adorable NFTs that have many functions within the Pavilion. Within the Arcade, these functions will include the ability to access larger prize pools, longer play sessions, and more exciting contests. In upcoming games, the DeFiDroids will have the ability to be upgraded with tools, equipment, and other earning enhancements. 

How does DeFiMon maintain its community growth?

DeFiMon actively engages with its growing worldwide community through games, contests and open forums. Regular updates and content from the development team keeps the community informed, while the unique referral system incentivises growth. 

Where can you find more information about DeFiMon?

To learn more about the world of DeFiMon, a good starting point would be their website: https://defimon.io/. Here, the members of the core team can be found. They have an existing KYC with Pinksale and their diverse expertise will contribute to the success of DeFiMon. 

Telegram: https://t.me/Defimon_Official_Group.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HQG4SqQWp7.

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/DeFiMon_Official


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