Alexandra Gaffikin MSc AMA from Artefact Heritage Services is the facilitator of this workshop. Through this online course, Alex provides valuable insights into the work of Heritage Consultants and how heritage can impact projects and how to minimise delays due to heritage considerations.

Participants practice skills in identifying heritage and object handling, investigate the processes of heritage compliance in projects and learn about community and agency consultation. Those attending will also learn about the processes of unexpected finds and what permits are required, through to avoiding delays and much more.

Sandra Wallace, Managing Director at Artefact, said this when interviewed by Eleven Media, “We are delighted to provide the facilitator of the heritage in construction and public works projects online course. Our team are extremely experienced in our industry and we are proud to be assisting in educating of others in the industry or those interested how heritage fit into construction and public works projects.”

Information of this course and other events being held can be found here: https://www.artefact.net.au/whats-on

Artefact Heritage Services is based in New South Wales and for over 11 years has been a leading provider of heritage management and archaeological services in the region. They provide a broad range of services for both Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage management and archaeology. The heritage team are highly experienced, industry recognised specialists who ensure unique and effective outcomes are achieved each and every time.

To learn more about Artefact Heritage Services and their array of heritage management and archaeological services, visit their website here: https://www.artefact.net.au/

About Artefact Heritage Services

Artefact Heritage Servicesâ?¯is based in Sydney Australia and a leading provider of heritage management and archaeological services. They are experts at balancing the need to respect and protect our cultural heritage within the ongoing need for development. They provide services across all aspects of Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage management and archaeology to a wide range of clients.

Artefact Heritage Services are known for their personalised service, partnering with clients for the life of the project. The success of your project is their focus, and they work to achieve outstanding results in a professional, timely and ethical manner

Artefact Heritage Services

Suite 56, Jones Bay Wharf 26-32 Pirrama Road

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