Ali Sadeghian, a Turkish-Iranian singer-songwriter who specializes in acting and directing, talks about the simultaneous effect of music and film on the emotions of the audience;

Music has been an almost inseparable part of theater since its inception.

Even in the past, when animation and film did not exist in this way today, music was associated with different types of performances.

In fact, music has long been associated with film, theater, and various types of shows.

The reason music is so intertwined with film, and music and film are so intertwined.

Because music has a huge impact on our feelings and emotions.

Music can frighten us, make us happy, or even make us cry.

Imagine a horror movie playing without music!

Certainly the level of fear it creates in the viewer is much less than when it is accompanied by scary music.

For this reason, for many years, different music according to the style of the play or film has always been used to have a greater impact on the audience.

Ali Sadeghian also said about music therapy that the psychological effects of music can be much stronger and broader than you think.

“Music therapy” is a set of tasks to improve people’s emotional health, help patients cope with stress and increase overall health.

Some researchers even point out that your taste in music can help you understand different dimensions of your personality.

Listening to music is fun, but can music therapy help your health as well?

Music can be a good source of enjoyment, but research on the scientific benefits of music has also shown that music therapy has many different benefits in psychology.





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