Plant-Based Cooking Show Featuring Vegan Alternative To Bone Broth Announced


The new show is being released by vKind, a platform that connects vegan brands, businesses, and professional vegan services with consumers. It will be the world’s first vegan chef cooking competition and is streaming worldwide summer of 2022 on various channels, including Unchained TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and YouTube, among others.

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Following the latest announcement, viewers will be able to watch a lineup of well-trained chefs battle to prepare the most delicious vegan meals. They will use various gourmet ingredients, including Boon Broth.

Animal bone broth is a type of stock that is made by simmering bones and connective tissue from animals such as chicken, turkey, lamb, pig, cow, wild game, or fish. It has become increasingly popular with dubious benefits and enormous cost to animals and the planet. Boon Broth is a gourmet vegan alternative that provides health benefits without the cruelty.

“Peeled” is hosted by raw vegan chef Babette Davis and health expert Dr. Shabnam Islam, with judges including Josie Clemens, Sophie’s Kitchen CEO Dr. Miles Woodruff, podcast host Elysabeth Alfano, and celebrity chef Chris Tucker. The winner in the vegan cooking competition will donate their money to a charitable cause they care about.

Boon Broth will be featured in Peeled’s three-part limited series. Boon Broth contains 72 minerals, including bioavailable calcium derived from plants, magnesium, 12g of plant protein, and plenty of B vitamins. It also contains natural yellow chlorella, which is high in beta-glucans, fiber, and amino acids.

Boon Broth’s ingredients help to support the structure of the skin, help maintain bones and joints, support immune response, and aid digestion. The broth is available to buy at Orchard Grocer’s physical store in Manhattan, at

Boon Broth comes in compostable packaging, in line with the company’s commitment to reducing its impact on the planet.

Ecco Bella was founded by Sally Malanga, a health and wellness advocate who keeps her activist eyes on all of her products, which she has made for herself first before she releases them to consumers.

She says, “I have high standards and I guarantee you will always feel like you made out well with your purchase. Boon broth is delicious and nutritious, It’s better for you, animals and the planet.”

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