Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Theodore Diktaban is the first in the Upper East Side to offer superior rhinoplasty results with a preservative approach with preservation rhinoplasty. With only a few other facial plastic surgeons qualified and trained on this cutting-edge approach to nose jobs, Dr. Diktaban joins an exclusive group of talented surgeons who are creating long-lasting and pioneering results for patients in Manhattan.

About Preservation Rhinoplasty

Preservation rhinoplasty has been established as a conservative plastic surgical approach to traditional rhinoplasty techniques, with an emphasis on retaining as much natural cartilage, bone, and skin as possible, and therefore creating an even more natural final result from nasal surgery. The technique uses fewer incisions, fewer grafts (if needed at all), and fewer stitches to shape the nose of a patient into their ideal shape and size. Preservation rhinoplasty involves advanced techniques as well as advanced knowledge of the facial anatomy of each person, and is proven to be longer-lasting and more satisfying than other rhinoplasty techniques.

Dr. Diktaban’s Preservation Rhinoplasty in New York City

Dr. Diktaban is one of only a few plastic surgeons who is capable of providing preservation rhinoplasty procedures in New York City and is eager to share this newly developed and well-received technique with those who want their nose to look more harmonious with their other facial features. Whether one has a large dorsal hump, wide nostrils, drooping nasal tip, or other general concern with the shape or size of their nose, a preservation rhinoplasty procedure is more than capable of adjusting it and preserving the renewed shape for years to come.

Schedule a Preservation Rhinoplasty Consultation

Learn more about the options for rhinoplasty, including preservation rhinoplasty, by calling or contacting their team online today. Dr. Diktaban will be more than happy to meet with potential patients and show them how their facial anatomy can dramatically change with just a small adjustment to the proportion of their nose. Preservation rhinoplasty, like many of Dr. Diktaban’s facial surgery techniques, is focused on ensuring one looks like themselves, but better, and eliminating the worry that others will know they have had “work done” on a particular feature.

Find out if one is a good candidate in NYC for the most natural-looking nose job by visiting Dr. Diktaban’shis New York plastic surgery practice today!

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