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Group health insurance in Houston continues to see its premiums drop to all-time lows thanks to the current administration’s push for affordable healthcare for all. According to an Urban Institute Study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Affordable Care Act premiums fell for a third year in a row. Though percentages varied significantly from region to region, the study said this year’s drop was a massive 1.8 percent. A year ago, premiums fell 1.7 percent. In 2020, the drop was 3.2 percent. These drops were largely because of enrollment and insurer competition surges along with continued federal aid, according to a recent article by Politico.

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Per the Political article that released on April 13, ACA premiums actually saw a dramatic increase in areas with high unemployment rates while it dropped in regions with higher insurer competition. The number of participating insurers nearly doubled from 198 to 288 so far this year. Clearly, this impacted individuals and families with health insurance in Houston who were previously uninsured or underinsured. Ultimately, the premium reductions were evident in 32 states.

Rick Thornton, a Houston health insurance agent , said the latest statistics are once again the result of what the current administration has been pushing for since President Biden took office last year. Given the state of unemployment in the pandemic era, something had to be done to ensure more Americans didn’t have to feel the brunt of rising healthcare costs. Americans showed up in droves to sign up for the more affordable healthcare plans, with roughly 14.5 million people enrolling in the marketplace so far this year. The continued drop in premiums over three years is a sign of great things to come and will likely spur continued enrollment by those who haven’t jumped onboard yet, Thornton added.

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