QC Kinetix (Lake Norman) is a Pain Control Clinic Helping Patients Improve Their Quality of Life Using Regenerative Medicine in Davidson, NC


Davidson, NC – When chronic pain hampers a patient’s career progression due to constant bed rest or interferes with their everyday activities such as walking their dogs, playing with their loved ones, or hitting the gym, it’s time to explore treatment such as regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is helping patients regain their quality of life after only a few sessions of following the biologic therapies. QC Kinetix (Lake Norman) is a pain control clinic working with patients seeking natural treatments that are non-surgical to deal with chronic pain and exercise control over their lives. The clinic is rekindling hope in patients who’ve been referred for surgery, hip and knee replacements. They do not have to deal with the side effects of surgery or put their lives on hold as they spend months recuperating.

Patients in Davidson have been raving about QC Kinetix (Lake Norman) because the medical professionals have given a long-lasting solution to pain in the bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. This kind of pain can result from overuse of the body at the workplace, poor posture, prolonged bed rest, and even infections. People in professions requiring them to stand or sit for long hours or do heavy lifting without proper back support are at high risk of developing non-musculoskeletal pain, with lower back pain being the most prevalent. Athletes are also prone to acquire sports-related injuries due to the massive number of hours they spend playing, training, or in the gym, and their bodies suffer from wear and tear.

QC Kinetix (Lake Norman) walks with each patient individually from the moment they show up for their appointment. The medical professionals are highly personable and take their time listening to the patients, understanding their medical history, and conducting tests to devise the best treatment to deal with the pain right from the source.

Regenerative medicine supports the body in activating its healing mechanism to deal with knee, back, joint, shoulder, hip, elbow pain, and pain due to arthritis. Davidson shoulder pain treatment encompasses performing various tests to determine the cause of the shoulder pain and the best treatment plan. Once the treatment is over, many patients have reported regaining mobility when they could hardly raise their arms above the head or lift anything with their hands previously.

One of their patients left a 5-star review noting, “I cannot put into words how pleased I have been with QC Kinetix. The staff is terrific. They reassured me and answered all of my questions at every step. I started with pain in my shoulder being a part of my everyday life, and today the pain is well under control. I’d highly recommend QC Kinetix (Lake Norman).

To learn more about their Davidson office, visit their website or call (704) 360 – 3057. The clinic is located at 610 Jetton St Suite 214, Davidson, NC, 28036, USA.

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