Whitehall Rowing & Sail has a selection of lightweight and stable all-water boats for beginners and experienced rowers. The boats are ideal for clients over 40 looking to stay fit without putting stress on their joints, knees or connective tissues.

For more information, visit: https://www.whitehallrow.com/classic-whitehall-spirit-17-double-slide-seat-sculling-rowboat

This latest announcement gives clients the opportunity to take a popular exercise outside of the gym, without compromising the quality of their workout.

Research has found that staying physically active over 40 is important to avoid stiffness, aches and pains and overall loss of strength associated with ageing. This can be difficult, however, given that many forms of exercise can cause stress on joints and connective tissues.

Though rowing is a full-body workout that engages 90% of muscle groups, it is also gentle on the body. The continuous, smooth motion associated with the exercise avoids putting pressure on problem areas such as knees and other joints.

Whitehall Rowing & Sail has rowing boats that are specifically designed for clients over 40 looking to enhance their exercise regimen. Their boats are wider and more stable than rowing boats designed for competition but are smoother and lighter weight than skiffs designed to be used alongside a motorized boat.

One example is the company’s Whitehall Spirit(R) Solo 14(R) Slide Seat Sculling Rowboat. The all-water boat is safe to use in wind and waves and has room for gear or an extra passenger.

Another available model is the Classic Whitehall Spirit(R) 17 Double Slide Seat Sculling Rowboat. The boat is built for two rowers, though it is also suitable for a single person. The Whitehall Spirit(R) 17 is built to withstand all water conditions and can be enjoyed by experienced and new rowers alike.

About Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Based in Victoria, BC, Whitehall Rowing & Sail has developed a strong reputation over the years for their high-quality boats and exceptional level of client care. The company has been honing its craft since 1987 and has since developed a range of models that reflect the company’s attention to detail and creative design.

One satisfied client said: “Being inside in a smelly gym sitting on a rowing machine, breathing recycled air is no comparison to being out on the water, breathing fresh clean air and feeling free as a bird rowing my Whitehall Spirit Solo 14.”

Interested parties can learn more about the company’s boats by visiting: https://www.whitehallrow.com/solo-14-slide-seat-sculling-whitehall-rowboat

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Whitehall Rowing & Sail – A Division of Whitehall Reproductions Canada Ltd
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