Why Tyre Checks Are Important

It is critical for drivers to inspect their tyres on a regular basis. Tyres are a crucial component of a vehicle and play an important role in vehicle stability. Literally, they are the car’s only point of contact with the road.

Australian Tyre Recycler and founder of Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett emphasises and expands on the importance of Tyre Checks.

Worn out or bald tyres critically affect the braking force of a vehicle. When the brakes are applied quickly, the vehicle is more prone to slipping, especially in wet conditions, due to the poor condition of the tyres.

According to Chris “Hard braking can trigger the ABS system unnecessarily, and each time there’s wear on that system, its lifespan is shortened and the tyres are subjected to greater demands. If the tyres are worn out, it impairs the handling of the vehicle and may cause the vehicle to lose grip on the road.”

It is also necessary to ensure that the tyre pressure of the tyres on a vehicle is correct. Tyres with incorrect tyre pressure will wear out faster and will also reduce fuel economy. “Under-inflated tyres can affect the rolling resistance of a vehicle by 10 per cent”, says Lett.

Different types and makes of vehicles require different tyre pressures, therefore, it is important to check the vehicle’s manual to determine the proper tyre pressure. Motorists should be aware of tyre degeneration. It is important to check the condition of tyres regularly.

Lett says, “When driving over corrugations, there is a temptation to go faster since the ride feels a little smoother, but the faster the vehicle goes, the greater the impact of surface debris on its tyres. There’s a big difference between hitting a stone in the road when taking it slowly compared to hitting it at speed – the tyres take the hammering.”

Indicators of tyre degeneration include; cracks, deep cuts, bulges, tyre tread deformation, and split or perished rubber. Tyre degeneration requires tyre replacement.

Ensuring a vehicle has the correct wheel alignment is particularly vital since incorrect wheel alignment compromises the integrity of the tyres. As a result, tyres will wear unevenly and have a much shorter life span. Uneven or quick tyre wear indicates a problem with wheel alignment.

No matter how a vehicle is driven, it is important to note that all tyres should be replaced after 45 000 km or 10 years from the date of manufacture. Even if a spare tyre has never been used, it is still recommended that it is replaced every ten years.

It is incumbent on all drivers to ensure that their vehicle is in functioning order. Incorrect wheel alignment, worn out tyres and general tyre degeneration can influence the performance and running costs of a vehicle. Lett says, “Investing in good quality tyres should be seen as an investment in safety rather than just a necessary expenditure.”

Branigans Tyres in Burleigh and Southport not only sell high quality second hand tyres at excellent prices but offer services that support safety and peace of mind. The qualified and helpful staff will perform a tyre health check, help motorists choose the correct tyres for their vehicles, check the tyre pressure and undertake a wheel alignment.

For further information, visit or call Chris and his team for Branigans Budget Tyres Service Centre at either Burleigh Heads (07) 5535 2660 or Southport (07) 5591 8633. Vehicle owners are encouraged to drive in at their convenience as no pre-bookings or appointments are required.

Written and syndicated by YDMA News.

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