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During inside an extreme bare market, WhaleMaker Fund is making a difference: Launched on the 21st of May- during a presale worth 200.000$ -which was finished within an hour on SphynxLabs- $WMF is already spiking with its price +100% versus presale price and its market cap reaching for the first million!

An investment fund in crypto – unlike any other.

The gap in the cryptoworld is obvious: no proper mechanism for people to make decent profits, no proper flow of information, thousands of scammers and scam projects as well as rug & pull ones. $WMF provides the average ex-FIAT now crypto investor- with KNOWLEDGE & SAFETY- the 2 most expensive things anyone cant buy- even with millions of USD. 

Fund round 1 – bonus pool launch

WhaleMaker is the first CryptoFund in the BitGert (Brise) ecosystem, promising to make a difference. It has announced its round 1 Fund launch pool (45 days duration) during which it will pay minimum a 15% ROI for early adopters, presalers and those joining before May 30th! The 15% ROI is in addition to staking rewards, all paid in BRISE, in order to avoid inflation phenomena on $WMF.

DEX Listing

$WMF pair is already trading on DEX SphynxLabs since May 22nd and its price has already seen a 100% increase within 3 days, following the presale hype created, as well as the FOMO joining the 1st round of the Fund run, through the staking pool opened on the 24rth of May.

Investment Fund Round 1 – 45 days

The investment crypto fund will be launching its first round of Fund Pool- by reinvesting presale income to generate guaranteed profit for all who were able to join Round 1 – which is open until Sunday 29th of May. The pool has impressively already been filled by 75% within just the first 24 hours, showing the trust and belief that the fund will skyrocket once it announces first profits for its holders!

Purpose of $WMF

The purpose of $WMF- which is launched by an extremely experienced group of investors (FIAT & Crypto) with over a decade of experience- has one sole purpose : to deliver profit in a so troubled space like crypto. It doesn’t promise that if you HODL for 10 years you will become rich, it does promise specific and guaranteed profit, which is what actually is everyone looking in the world for, FIAT or Crypto. Its so practical and simple that it is an ingenious idea itself.

Fund Rounds 2  & onwards

$WMF Round 1 is just the beginning , as in early July round 2 is going to launch, during which round the holders of $WMF will be able to use their coins to get investment slots with higher ROI and multiple options about locking time. Round 3 onwards in mid August, NFT Fund will be launching as well, meaning each acquisition of an NFT will mean 1 investment slot for ever in NFT fund, which is groundbreaking.

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WhaleMaker Fund
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Website: https://WhaleMaker.fund
Telegram: https://t.me/whitewhalecryptoinfo
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