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United States, 27th May 2022, King NewsWire, A beat is the rhythmic backbone of any song. Beats are used by singers to sing and songwriters to compose songs. Nowadays, becoming a recording artist requires more than a quiet closet. They need catchy beats to please their audience. Beats allow singers and musicians to create more attractive music.

Leilani White is a famous beatmaker. She grew up in Orlando, Florida. At a quite young age, she found others that shared her passions for beats, rhythm, and sound. They all started a band named Electronic Dance Music band. There are total five members of the band. Leilani White is the face of her Band. All band members keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight except Leilani. Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band. Over the past few years, they have grown comfortable jumping genres and mashing up influences.

Leilani White and her band have made hundreds of popular beats for well-known singers and music producers. Most of the beats and rhythms produced by them go viral and loved by the audience.

Leilani White has also released an album “Alive” available on all digital platforms. Album “Alive” has five beautiful tracks; Into the Future, Curoshina (One Thing Right Marshmallow remix), Intense, Upbeat, and Life is a Video Game.

Leilani White is not only a music artist but also a successful entrepreneur. She is also working on some major projects. So you are going to see her name once again in the news real soon. With such passion and dedication, Leilani White is definitely going to have a more successful future.So keep an eye on her for more updates.

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