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Singapore, 28th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, One of the hottest games currently on the Play-to-earn  market, Dragonaire, concluded its Beta Test on May 21, and announced that the Beta Test V2.0 will be coming soon in early June.

Traditional Gaming Giant Dino Game’s First Foray into the P2E Field

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in Play-to-earn games, you must have heard of this fastest-growing game in the second quarter of 2022, Dragonaire, a dragon-themed card collection strategy RPG GameFi, from the most famous Asian-wide traditional game company Dino Game. The company has created many well-known games for fans around the world, such as Crisis Action, Punishing: Gray Raven, Soul Tide, Utopia: Origin, and more. It is reported that Dragonaire was already a mature traditional game with 8 million users all over the world before it was on-chain developed. Today, this game has become the first step for Dino Game to crack the Web 3.0 encrypted world.

100 Beta Test Participants Got IDO & NFT Dual-equity Whitelists

As the community continues to grow, Dragonaire in early May unveiled its 3-day Beta Test from May 18th to May 21st, and announced the launch of the community campaign to recruit testers. 100 active players were finally selected, and in addition to the test qualifications, they also received valuable IDO & NFT dual-equity whitelists, exclusive NFT collections, and an beta resource package containing 30,000 $DEAR (Dragonaire’s governance token).

In order to allow players to experience the plot and gameplay more completely in these three days, the Dragonaire team has adjusted the time-consuming duration of some functions, and released a step-by-step guide to help players get started with the registration, login and Marketplace transaction process.

Dragonaire Main Interface

Dragons in battle

Dragonaire also welcomes players to create their own game reviews and share them on social media for more people to see. Project co-founder Hwang Hong-min replied, “These sincere feedbacks are the greatest encouragement to our team. We have selected the 3 best reviews and gave each of their creators a free mint Mystery Box to thank for their support.”

Whitelisting continues! Beta Test V2.0 May Start in Early June

Dragonaire has announced the plans for further game optimization based on player feedback during the Beta Test. The optimization is divided into two directions. One is for the Marketplace, new functions such as the one-click purchase of Mystery Box and transaction record query will be added. The other is for the game, such as optimizing the lag problem of game emulator login, adjusting the level difficulty of some gameplay, and so on.

Dragonaire Marketplace

According to the latest official news, after completing the above optimizations, Dragonaire Beta Test V2.0 is expected to be released in early June. The number of testers will increase to 500, and the time will be extended to 5 days. “The testers of Beta Test V2.0 will still be given to players through community events along with the whitelist. We hope more friends will join in, which will not only help you try the game, but also help you win the whitelist.” Hwang said, “Our whitelist is IDO & NFT dual-equity, meaning that you can buy both our tokens and NFTs at the initial offering price, which is very valuable.”

Dragonaire is also gearing up for other big moves, such as INO, IDO and NFT sale, expected to be launched one after another in June, during which there will be token Airdrops, regular community events and cooperative AMAs, according to people briefed on the matter.


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