Millennia, which supports over 1,700 facilities across all care settings, now offers Millennia Complete, comprising two solutions. The first is Millennia Access, which simplifies the front-end of patient engagement including appointment scheduling and check-in, allowing physicians to focus on their clinical care. The second, complementary solution, Millennia Recover, helps providers more easily process patient payments. This results in an improved experience for all parties, while boosting patient satisfaction.

More information can be seen at https://millenniapay.com

The company’s updated solutions are designed to streamline the non-clinical patient experience, from scheduling the first appointment to settling the final payment.

Few market sectors have as many roadblocks and complexities in the payment process as healthcare. According to studies, the amount of time providers devote to administrative tasks – which largely revolve around payment protocols – has jumped over the past decade. 70% of doctors claim they spend more than 10 hours per week on paperwork and administration. In fact, one study found that physicians spend nearly two hours on paperwork for every hour they spend with patients, while 75% of providers primarily use paper and manual processes for collections.

In turn, patients too are frustrated: seven in ten have switched or would consider switching providers due to poor digital experience, while 30% point to their post-visit, wanting more options to view and pay their bills.

Millennia Complete is the unified solution that simplifies the patient’s journey by addressing the common non-clinical, and vexing, aspects of a typical experience, such as scheduling appointments, completing forms at the office, providing insurance information, and making payments. The frustrations caused often result in missed appointments, incomplete patient information, increased denials, late or missed payments, and poor patient reviews.

Millennia Access streamlines the entire patient scheduling, pre-arrival, and arrival processes. It gives the provider greater control and patients more flexibility in when, how, and who they receive their service from. Further, it helps to eliminate patient front-desk frustrations while allowing the facility to conduct real-time and transparent eligibility verification, estimations, and identity validation.

Millennia Recover’s platform provides clarity and transparency to a patient’s bill, balances due, and historical activity. Its easy-to-use 24/7 payment portal maximizes patient revenue at 2-4 times the national average.

“Healthcare should live up to its stated promise – but the system gets bogged down, making everyone unhappy,” said Chris Garnett, Chief Marketing Officer at Millennia. “We want to help restore the focus squarely on clinical care and Millennia Complete allows for exactly that.”

Interested parties can go to https://millenniapay.com/solutions for more information.


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