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The new report informs traders on the pros and cons of using P2P services including potential risks and benefits of LocalBitcoins specifically. Their coverage will allow traders to get the full picture of what this service can provide and how it may be helpful prior to signing up.

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The Verge Hunter report has been released as part of their commitment to providing up-to-date news about crypto software and the market at large. Their stories typically focus on Coinbase alternatives and market movement that may affect the average trader, covering information that may be important to know when entering or exiting the market.

XVG, the token which the Verge Hunter site is built around, is an open-source crypto asset designed to facilitate completely anonymous transactions. Their protocol builds on the original framework of Bitcoin and offers a number of notable improvements, including transaction speed and security upgrades.

Their latest report on LocalBitcoins is one of their many software reviews focusing on newer exchange platforms. Their mission when creating these reviews is to separate scam projects and security liabilities from legitimately useful exchange tools such as LocalBitcoins, which they highly recommend as a P2P trading tool.

In their report, they focus on how to safely use the P2P capabilities of LocalBitcoins to trade virtual currency at custom rates and without a mediator such as an exchange. The two-way transaction system allows parties to agree upon a price and then set up an exchange protocol that only releases assets once the physical exchange has taken place.

They also emphasize the privacy offered by LocalBitcoins, which is one of the core values that Verge Hunter looks for in a project. The platform allows users to sign up through a depersonalized confirmation method that does not require the input of personal information, making it an ideal alternative to other similar products.

Verge Hunter has published this and many other reports as part of their mission to produce top-quality crypto news which can help traders avoid scams and misinformation. The world of DeFi is as dangerous as it is lucrative, and they want to make sure that operators, new and old, can join in on this technology.

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