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Super Drips announced today that when his NFT project sells out they would donate $50,000 of all their sales to the American Foundation Of Suicide Prevention to help people struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide like he once did.

Super Drips owner Justin Pierce says they’ve always admired the American Foundation Of Suicide Prevention and the work they do helping people struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. He said they’re thrilled to be able to give to an organisation that has given so much and done so much good over the years.

He said anyone who purchases his NFT will now know not only do they get the best NFT utility with his book, $1,000 mindset course plus a 24″X36″ poster print of their NFT but 50 holders will be entered into a drawing to win $1,000 in ETH each plus a $500 24″36″ metal print of their NFT. They’ll also be helping people struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide.

About Super Drips

Justin Pierce is Super Drips, an Artist known for his eye-catching, drippy digital and physical art. He aims to help build positive mindsets to battle the current mental health crisis going on in the world today.

Born and raised in California, Justin has been creating his art for 20 years. He decided it was time to bring his art to the masses to help people get out of their own heads and out from under all of those thoughts weighing them down so they can just be.

Justin’s artwork is bright, fun and embodies positivity.

His art is created to stop people in their tracks, get them out from the constant 24/7 stream of heavy thoughts in their head and let them just be, even for a moment. The more people can practice being present and just be-ing, the more grateful they’ll become, the more they’ll start to love life. The more they start to love life, the more they get to create a future they can be proud of.

Head to to find out more about his NFT project!

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