Hundreds of Patients are Getting Acute and Chronic Pain Relief from Regenerative Medicine at QC Kinetix (West Columbia) in West Columbia, SC


West Columbia, SC – The human body naturally heals from superficial injuries such as a scrape on the knee, a cut, or even a broken bone. But, other conditions such as fatal sports injuries, knee pain, torn rotator cuff, tennis elbow, wrist pain, pain due to arthritis, and lower back pain, require a more profound medical intervention. People fear and delay seeking treatment for the above issues for fear of being told their only options are surgery, pain medication, and steroid injections. However, the good news is that medical professionals at QC Kinetix (West Columbia) use regenerative medicine to reduce pain, replace surgery, and eliminate steroid injections. The treatment therapies aim to support and encourage the body to heal itself naturally from the source of pain.

Athletes and active people who enjoy activities such as skiing find themselves prone to injuries due to the nature of such activities. A few years back, a renowned writer tore his rotator cuff when snowboarding. He’s battled debilitating pain for years and endured numerous surgeries, which significantly hampered his career and quality of life. Eventually, he came across regenerative medicine and decided to take his chances, and since then, his quality of life has skyrocketed, and the pain has diminished. He’s become a great ambassador of regenerative medicine and highly recommends seeking treatment from medical professionals in clinics like the QC Kinetix Columbia sports medicine center, where pain relief is well within reach.

Regenerative medicine treats limited joint mobility, weak joints, cramping, inflammation of the joints, noisy, stiff, and swollen joints, and difficulties fulfilling tasks. The medical professionals at QC Kinetix (West Columbia) take their time to understand each patient’s medical history, how the pain began, how long it has been, and seek to know what each patient wants to derive from the treatment. They also conduct thorough medical procedures to ascertain the level of degeneration to compile the most effective and personalized treatment plan.

One of the recent patients at the clinic said, “The staff is professional and very kind. The facility is beautiful!”

Pregnant women should be on high alert as the ligaments stretch to prepare for labor that heavily strains the lower back. While some women’s bodies snap back easily after birth, others are left with constant back pain that drains their joy of motherhood. Columbia back pain treatment clinic can handle the lower back problem using regenerative medicine. Additionally, people who’ve been in automobile accidents do not need to endure years of steroid injections as help is available.

QC Kinetix is expanding and opening new locations to ensure alternative natural treatment is available to everyone seeking it. The clinic, which offers Columbia knee replacement alternatives, is a trailblazer in providing alternative treatment for knee replacement. Visit their website to learn more about regenerative medicine or call (803) 281-6860 to speak to a customer representative. The clinic is located at 3020 Sunset Blvd, Suite 102, West Columbia, SC, 29169, USA.

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