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Geeky Tech, a B2B technology marketing agency based in the United Kingdom, today released more information about its services, as well as a little recap about how they came from humble beginnings to providing clients with incomparable results on a regular basis. Geeky Tech’s team provides no bull***t SEO that delivers more leads that convert into more customers.

Geeky Tech began its digital-marketing journey as a bunch of bright-eyed freelancers who didn’t want “real” jobs. The team started by offering clients primarily outbound marketing services like email and SMS, and then expanded its offers to design, social media management, branding, website development, and hosting. Geeky Tech were the Jack-of-all-trades digital agency…It even found itself offering telemarketing (the dreaded cold calls).

Tech sites looking for more visibility needn’t look further than Geeky Tech, whose no-nonsense digital marketing service will provide everything they need to thrive. Geeky Tech’s team has a proven track record of getting the results its SEO and PPC clients need.

SEO is Geeky Tech’s primary service and is proven to drive targeted organic (as in, unpaid) traffic to its clients’ websites and boost site rankings on Google and other search engines. Laying the foundations of organic SEO is vital to achieving long-term results. Organic SEO, however, does not work overnight. Rather, this crucial marketing technique is all about laying the foundation for future success. The results will really start showing in three to six months, but once the magic starts happening, it never stops.

For those who wish to see more instant-like results, PPC is the place to go. Whether a client has a new product emerging on the market or simply wants to get their brand name out there, paid advertising is an easy way to drive traffic to a site. This is a short-to-midterm solution that packs a powerful punch.

Unlike SEO, where organic traffic and rankings are earned through strategy and link-building, paid advertising is all about exposure. Geeky Tech makes sure to target the right people to give clients the highest return on investment and set them up with the right tools to track and monitor their campaign.

Unconvinced readers need only to read the review of its service by Tim Canfield, Marketing Manager over at Conidia Bioscience/FUELSTAT who has this to say about Geeky Tech’s team: “The team got the landing page and ad campaign set up within a week, and we began to see our ad listings at the top of the search results immediately. While we’re just a few days into the campaign, I can already see we’re getting lots of new visitors that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

To find out more about SEO or PPC, or to simply find out more about Geeky Tech, see the following URL: https://www.geekytech.co.uk/

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