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Mars, PA – QC Kinetix (Mars) has expanded its reach to Mars in Philadelphia. The pain control clinic recently announced its expansion into the area, intending to spread the benefits of regenerative medicine. Now open in Mars, PA, residents of the area battling acute and chronic pain, can now experience wellness and improved quality of life while choosing minimally invasive, risk-averse treatment solutions.

Unlike the conventional approach to handling and treating chronic pain, QC Kinetix (Mars) and its team frown at medication dependence. The treatment providers understand that medications present short- and long-term side effects that may further affect the patient’s health. They also understand the risks and complications associated with surgery, especially in treating joint pain and related problems. Their approach focuses on addressing both the symptoms presented in the form of pain and discomfort and the underlying problems.

Announcing their presence in Mars, PA and encouraging residents to take advantage of their regenerative medicine services, the spokesperson for the Pain control clinic said: “About 20% of all American adults suffer from some form of chronic pain. If you’re part of that statistic, the good news is that regenerative medicine may be able to provide long-lasting relief. Our regenerative orthopedic specialists at QC Kinetix of Mars, PA, are here to help. We understand how tiring it can be to manage daily joint pain. That’s why we strive to curate an individualized approach to alleviate joint issues. Our treatment options encourage your body to heal itself, allowing you to avoid more invasive treatment protocols, such as surgery. If you’re ready to start your journey, reach out to our team at QC Kinetix of Mars, PA.”

Patients coming into the clinic will have access to experienced treatment providers with a commitment to personalized services. The staff address common problems like knee pain caused by dislocations, sports injuries, fractures, age, and genetic-related issues. Their knee specialist near me will carefully look at the problem, go over the patient’s medical history, and conduct comprehensive assessments to establish a diagnosis. Patients will be educated about their diagnosis, and a dynamic but unique treatment plan will be formulated to address the problem.

Interested Mars, PA residents looking to learn more about their Mars office can visit their website to listen to testimonials from patients who have experienced improved wellness and quality of life after four treatment sessions.

QC Kinetix (Mars) is located at 6998 Crider Rd, Suite 220, Mars PA 16046, United States. Patients can schedule a consultation appointment with them via phone at (724) 201-4230 or via their website.

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