C+Charge has launched its official website as marketing efforts ramp up including F1 sponsorship during the Miami race

Miami, Florida, 24th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, C+Charge  (https://c-charge.io/), a crypto fueled EV charging network and utility token has officially launched its official website, giving an overview of its revolutionary electric vehicle (EV) charging station blockchain platform that will be the first crypto and non-crypto project to allow drivers of EV’s to earn carbon credits.  The launch of the website is after C+Charge was a hospitality sponsor during the inaugural Miami Formula 1 racing event earlier in May. C+Charge’s mission is to promote sustainable mobility, aiming to increase adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by providing a blockchain powered solution to streamlining payments and operation of charging stations across the country. C+Charge utility tokens will allow holders to pay for charges in the network at C+Charge operated and affiliate stations across North America and Europe. Token holders will also receive free charges, special discounts, and other incentives from C+Charge partners. A novel feature of C+Charge that will promote sustainability and further adoption of EVs, C+Charge’s novel utility token will allow holders to earn carbon credits that can be applied toward the purchase of their own EV.    

C+Charge founding team commented “C-Charge.io is officially live! Months of work after a year of development has finally come to fruition. We are very excited to launch the C+Charge website and unveil our full vision for a sustainable future powered by the blockchain that can become a current reality.  We want to promote sustainable mobility for all. Gas prices show no sign of decreasing anytime soon.  EV’s are not just a short term answer to high gas prices but a long term solution towards sustainability.  The infrastructure to make this sustainable reality does not exist yet; C+Charge hopes to utilize innovative blockchain technology to eliminate current friction in the EV charging station sector and bring about greater EV adoption through innovation.. C+Charge aims to bring sustainability to the masses by allowing the average consumer to earn carbon credits thought its innovative carbon credit program. As we get closer to the official launch of the C+Charge utility token,  we look forward to updating the community in the coming weeks about this very innovative and important project.” 

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About C+Charge

C+Charge is a crypto fueled EV charging network and utility token aiming to unify the EV charging sector by utilizing blockchain technology to create a all inclusive payment and management solution for EV owners and EV charging station owners and operators. C+Charge aims to help build a sustainable future and be a part of the adaptation of EVs; its innovative carbon credits program allows token holders to accumulate carbon credits to be used towards their own EV purchase, further enabling environmental sustainability to be within reach of more people. 


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