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As a reliable source for versatile catalysts, Alfa Chemistry Catalysts today announces that it has launched a rich of collection of asymmetric organocatalysts, including chiral amines, chiral amino acids, chiral ammonium salts, chiral bicyclic guanidines, chiral diols, chiral imidazolidinones, chiral isothioureas, chiral n-heterocyclic carbenes (NHC), chiral oxazaborolidines, chiral sulfonic acids, cinchona alkaloids, and prolines, proline analogs. All can be used to accelerate different types of chemical reactions for both research and production, whereas all are of high purity and of high-popularity among consumers.

The efficacy and synthetic versatility of asymmetric organocatalysis have contributed to the huge achievements in resolving enduring synthetic challenges of stereochemical relevance as well as discovery of new catalytic modes, reaction types and advantageous integration with disparate reaction types.

“Simply put, asymmetric organocatalysts are catalysts that catalyze an asymmetric organic reaction. Owing to their benefits like stability, non-toxicity, asymmetric organocatalysts have great synthetic potentials for chiral activity, and are widely used for a wide range of organic synthesis reactions,” says one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry Catalysts. “As asymmetric organocatalytic methods mature, they have extended beyond the academia and undergone scale-up for the production of chiral drugs, natural products, and enantiomerically enriched bioactive molecules.”

In general, asymmetric organocatalysts can be used for the Michael addition reaction, asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation reactions, asymmetric catalytic oxidation reactions, asymmetric catalytic carbonyl reduction reactions and more.

The asymmetric organocatalysts provided by Alfa Chemistry Catalysts fall into the following sub-categories:

  • Chiral Amines
  • Chiral Amino Acids
  • Chiral Ammonium Salts
  • Chiral Bicyclic Guanidines
  • Chiral Diols
  • Chiral Imidazolidinones
  • Chiral Isothioureas
  • Chiral N-Heterocyclic Carbenes (NHC)
  • Chiral Oxazaborolidines
  • Chiral Sulfonic Acids
  • Cinchona Alkaloids
  • Prolines, Proline Analogs
  • Other Asymmetric Organocatalysts

“In addition to asymmetric organocatalysts, we also offer other types of organocatalysts, such as condensation organocatalysts, oxidation organocatalysts and porphyrins catalysts, to help researchers explore how simple organic molecules like organocatalysts can do things within chemical manufacturing while other catalysts cannot,” says a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry Catalysts.

For more information about Alfa Chemistry Catalysts’ offering of asymmetric organocatalysts, please visit or email them directly.

About Alfa Chemistry Catalysts

With steady progress over the past few years, Alfa Chemistry Catalysts has grown to be a loyal partner for researchers, supplying a full range of stable, highly-efficient, and inexpensive catalysts. Meanwhile, the whole staff team has made tremendous efforts to enable better customer experience. Among them, the product offering expansion is exactly one necessary step to achieve this goal. Now the company offers chiral catalysts, ligands, metal catalysts, non-metal catalysts, guard catalysts, nano catalysts, phase transfer catalysts, photocatalysts and many other catalysts.

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