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As previously announced, Frank And Oak is a human-centric company that seeks to be conscientious in every decision it makes. It understands that actions can have an impact on the world at large in unseen ways, and it makes it a point to ensure this impact is as positive as possible. Frank And oak is committed to design for good through innovation, and this is highly evident in its products. Many companies advocate for better living, but Frank And Oak designs the products that make it a viable option for its community.

While the variety of rich colours and sizes already makes these items quite attractive, the collection also boasts other features that may not be obvious at first glance. For instance, each item is made primarily from organic cotton — this material is both grown more responsibly and harvested in a sustainable manner (less water intensive, minimal damage to soil and local ecosystems, and so on).

Since items that fray or disintegrate easily actually contribute towards littering and the expansion of landfills, the company recognized that a compromise had to be made in the construction of some items. For instance, certain artificial materials have been used to enhance the durability of some clothes — but Frank And Oak has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact even here. For instance, the classic trunks use only recycled polyester in their construction, meaning no new material was generated for the company’s manufacturing needs. These trunks are also machine washable as a result.

To learn more about the men’s underwear collection or any other item offered by Frank And Oak, customers may visit the brand website:

Canadian brand Frank And Oak is pleased to bring its men’s underwear collection to customers everywhere. Since its founding, the company has strived to produce clothing as ethically and sustainably as possible, and this collection is no different. Customers can browse the entire collection and make their purchases with complete confidence in the knowledge that they are backing manufacturing techniques that will support a better future. Find the collection here:

Sustainable fashion is far from being Frank And Oak’s sole objective. The company understands that the community is also looking for items that are practical, long-lasting, and perhaps, most of all, comfortable. Fortunately, this is true of all the clothing that can be found on the Frank And Oak website.

Customers should be aware that several features make this men’s underwear collection unique. To begin with, customers will quickly find that many of the expected features are indeed present. Each item feels great on the skin and serves its obvious, intended purpose. Frank And Oak has three types of underwear available, including the classic trunks, boxer briefs, and classic briefs. The trunks come in black, navy, grey, dark red, and brown; the boxer briefs come in black, grey, and navy; and the classic briefs come in black, grey, and navy as well. Customers should note that the trunks also come in green (with white stripes). All of the items in this collection are available in sizes S, M, L, and XL, and customers who are unfamiliar with the store’s sizing parameters may check the included sizing guide. Furthermore, the Fit & Sizing tab in each listing mentions the model’s height and what size they are wearing in the photos, which can help customers gauge the size they need with more accuracy, though Frank And Oak also supports a generous return policy in the event the product does not meet customers’ expectations. This is unlikely, however, since the store has even taken the precaution of carefully fine-tuning the elastic waistband to ensure a snug fit.

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