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Rindge, NH – Colonial Green Products keeps indoor spaces dry and comfortable using superior insulation solutions. For the years they have been in operation, the principles of honesty and quality have formed the basis of all their commercial and residential projects, allowing them to keep properties warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The company comprises a team of insulation contractors passionate about bringing a higher standard of living to New Hampshire.

The installers go through a rigorous hiring process that includes drug tests and background checks to keep clients or their properties safe. With more than 250years of collective knowledge, the contractors are well versed with the common types of structures in Rindge to offer personalized services and operational support. They’re also committed to staying up to date with the latest in the industry to provide long-term insulation services that will serve property owners for many years.

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Colonial Green Products installs high-performance cellulose and spray foam insulation, which provides overall indoor comfort, increased home energy efficiency, lower heating/cooling costs, fewer leaks/drafts, and greater peace/quiet. The cellulose is made from recycled newspapers and treated for fire resistance, making it eco-friendly. It comes in loose form to be blown in hard-to-reach spaces and densely packed cavities. On the other hand, spray foam insulation is sprayed on surfaces as a liquid, before it expands into foam plastic to fill holes and cracks. Because of its versatility, it has superior air sealing qualities to serve as a barrier for vapor. Spray foam creates an air/moisture-tight seal, perfect for correcting air leaks and regulating high moisture areas. Both spray foam and cellulose can be used on attics, ceilings, walls, crawlspaces, basements, garages, and other parts of a building.

Home insulation is a major project to undertake whether or not a homeowner understands the process. For this reason, Colonial Green Products has taken a proactive step to educate and empower clients on the types of insulation that work for their homes and how the effectiveness of insulation is measured. Browse Our Website to discover what R-value is and how it affects the insulating power of a home.

From their decades of experience, the insulation contractors have developed systems and procedures for schools, healthcare facilities, industrial/office buildings, warehouses, government buildings, food service buildings, and other commercial properties. They have developed methods of increasing the fire ratings of elevator shafts, engineered ventilation systems with Hepa filters, and designed other custom insulation services for different facilities across Rindge.

Colonial Green Products is equipped to serve the residents of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Southern Maine.

Check Out Our Insulation Installation Services by visiting our website or location at 1126 US-202, Rindge, NH, 03461, US. For any additional inquiries, call 603-361-6749.

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