“Fatemeh Sanaei Feyzabadi” short and concise in her own language!?

• Fatemeh Sanaei (born on August 9, 1988 in Tehran)

• Entrepreneur and director of Andishe Javid Iranian Institute

(Tehran – Mashhad) (With 100 staff members nationwide)

Bachelor of Medical Engineering – Master of Entrepreneurship Management

• Director and organizer of hundreds of national and international seminars

• Entrepreneurship for dozens of young professionals in Iran

• Researcher and expert in the field of “cleaning and ho’oponopono”

• Psychology and success audiobooks narrator

 Did you have a specific pattern in your life and work!?

Fatemeh Sanaei:Yes, all successful people are a kind of role model for me, while I believed in the goal and myself.

 I always wanted to do something different from the others, in my childhood games with other peers I always played the role of the hero’s son who saved everyone from the clutches of a bandit.

I also played football; gender did not make sense to me! Boyish play because it was more exciting made me more attracted to them.

Undoubtedly, there are a number of obstacles and problems in starting, doing and of course continuing the path for any work! What were these obstacles and problems for you!?

Fatemeh Sanaei:There are many problems for every person and starting any work in the society, and of course it is inevitable … but it is their kind and form that are different from each other.

One of the most important issues I had was the legal case. One of the problems in our society is the lack of companions, jealous people

What was inside you or was created that gave you the strength and courage to start this job!?

Fatemeh Sanaei:some things are inherent and inevitable! Sometimes people like to have experiences that are dangerous to them.

This is a difference in the structure of human beings.

Something, that you are willing to take a risk because of loving.

Loving the kind of things that seem impossible always has been part of my interests.

I have always been a risk taker.

: Is the risk-taking power you talked about innate or acquired!?

Fatemeh Sanaei: To some extent innate and somehow an acquired value of the environment, it prepares your environment to do something and of course some things are done out of habit and instinct!

And in other cases, we learn to create a series of things within ourselves.

A person who enters a profession does not have the necessary skills to do it from the beginning, but creates the ground …

There are some people who get bored quickly and come back halfway, some are attracted and continue!

These are social behaviors that are different in people and can take shape.

Entrepreneurship is definitely not inherent and acquired! It is a combination of both.

How effective has your type of management been in your progress!?

Fatemeh Sanaei: Many things go ahead with planning.

When you enter an organization, you say: I have an organizational chart and I organize and manage it with planning.

 The management, attitude, ethics and perspective you have in your work can make you successful or unsuccessful!

It cannot be said that it is luck, luck is a transient thing.

I never plan on luck.

Management never goes by chance, it is the planning that drives it … that’s why if you can have a plan, a start and an end for the route you take, as well as a route, and then you can succeed.

My goal must always be clear!

I may just change my path to achieve my goal. I want to say: “The way to reach the goal may change, but the goal will never.”

How effective is “positive thinking” in your success!?

Fatemeh Sanaei: Too much, like many people, I believe that what I want to do is not just physical!

A lot of things happen with the thinking that I go that way.

Positive thinking is the positive energy that helps us spiritually and mentally to continue the decision we have made.

Where was “Patience” in your path of progress?!?

Fatemeh Sanaei: My work was not a prefabricated path!

I mean, I was not the heir of a collection that was made for me and then I would rely on that position!

This is where you have to be patient step by step I don’t think we appreciate what can be achieved easily,

but when we work hard step by step and value the memories we have, it becomes important to us and valuable.

When something is with love and interest, the effect of it is something else.

Thank you very much as the last question, a piece of advice that young people will remember!?

Fatemeh Sanaei: My advice to young people is to have self-confidence; I have a sentence to say:

“Believe that your job is special and if you are not being (existed), life will be hard.

“This is a calligraphic sentence with a painting on the wall of my room. One must be effective, especially in the life of the people he loves, and know what the result of being effective will be.





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