What qualities should a dog trainer have? Mahdi Keimanesh

What qualities should a dog trainer have?

Mahdi Keimanesh, born on 10/1/1369, with more than 16 years of coaching experience, is one of the best dog trainers in Iran and the Middle East.

Mahdi Keimanesh gives tips about the good features of a professional dog trainer.

According to Mahdi Keimanesh, there are many people who buy and keep dogs or puppies.

After bringing the dog home, the first issue they encounter is dog training.

Some of these people prefer to take care of the dog themselves and start doing so.

But after a few days of trying to train the dog, they find that their training is fruitless and the dog does not behave the way their owners like.

For this reason, the dog owner becomes frustrated and abandons or abandons his dog.

They train dogs, they let them.

Dog trainers are actually skilled people whose job is to train and train different types of dogs for specific purposes.

You may leave the training of your dog entirely to the trainer or you may be yourself.

Do this under his supervision.

Dog trainers have taken different courses, trained and gained different experiences to train dogs.

For this reason, they are good at training different types of dogs with any breed and size.

They use the best way to train him according to the breed of dog and his moral characteristics.

A dog trainer It can specialize in creating better behavior and eliminating dog misbehaviors, activating the dog’s mind, training puppies and dog obedience to its owner,

training dog owners to communicate and how to deal with dogs, and training dogs.

Activation of the dog’s mind:

The dog’s mind can be kept active throughout his life by performing various exercises and sports, and he can be expected to receive training at any age.

  • Puppy training and obedience of the dog from its owner:
  • The beginning of dog training at the time of breeding is the most appropriate time for training and training.
  • To do this, dog owners need to have the necessary and sufficient information to properly train the dog.
  • Usually, the first training given to puppies is the toilet.
  • First, they put him in the open environment of the house and in certain places to do his job, then, using the necessary pads and training, they teach him the puppy’s place of bathing at home.
  • Eating in a special container, sleeping place Dogs, basic commands such as sit, come, eat, do not eat, do not, let go, etc. are among the basic trainings for puppies.
  • The training of all these cases by the dog owner must proceed with the knowledge of the dog and how to train him and according to certain principles, otherwise the result will be the opposite.
  • Training dog owners to communicate and how to deal with dogs: Another way to train a dog well is to train and consult dog owners with a good trainer.
  • Get guidance from dog trainers to know where and how and How we train our dog is very important.
  • Specialized dog training: Some dogs can be trained to provide various services to humans due to their intelligence and intelligence, as well as their breed and appropriate moral and behavioral and humane characteristics.
  • Nursing dogs, search dogs, police dogs for detecting drugs and explosives, assistant dogs and guard dogs are among these cases.

Training dogs and puppies should be done according to certain principles and rules.

The more effort is put into training dogs; The result will be better.

Therefore, having enough experience, knowledge and information to train dogs are the most important characteristics of a good trainer.

Dog trainers must follow ethical principles to train dogs and avoid punishing and beating dogs.

In a way that endangers the health and life of the dog; Refrain from training him.

Dog training is a long and repetitive process that requires a lot of patience and endurance, so dog trainers must be very patient.

Take into account and listen to his teachings well and act on them.

We have to ask the coach these questions

By doing this, you will realize the skills of the coach and you will be well informed about the work process.

Duration and history of the trainer in dog training

Know how the trainer works with the type of dog breed and whether he or she has ever worked with a breed similar to your dog breed.

Tools and equipment used in dog training

Is there a guarantee that your dog will be trained to get the result you want?

If you are not satisfied with the result of the training, what is the solution?

I hope you succeed.






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