In the Muslim world, the crypto economy is strengthening its foundations. In early May 2022, Arab News announced the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment by Emirates, a major airline. Cryptocurrencies are no longer perceived as haram for Muslims. And some projects are creating huge cryptocurrency ecosystems, which are solely for halal.

DAHAB is a major halal crypto

Just as PayPal revolutionized financial services in 1998, DAHAB is poised to repeat this technological revolution with even greater ambitions in 2022. This service makes available not only transfers of funds to almost every country in the world, but also the ability to invest and make everyday payments from one device literally on the go. The project’s asset under the eponymous name Dahab (DHB) allows everyone on the planet to participate in the development of the product even at an early stage and earn a profit for participating.

DAHAB is the main platform of modern financial solutions, built on the good principles of Islamic law and Shariah. DHB’s capabilities allow digital solutions to be incorporated into any halal digital product in order to improve it. Whether it is a payment system for transferring funds to other countries or payment and optimization of entertainment or social services.

Dahab Alealam will be an effective guide for Muslims between existing financial services and crypto technologies. You will be able to easily pay for international entertainment services such as Netflix, Steam, YouTube Music and others. DAHAB technology is able to replace outdated money transfer services such as Western Union or IBAN technology and even will become a competitor of PayPal.

Advantages of DHB token

While most of the crypto projects count on high volatility, Dahab focuses on the relative stability of DHB assets, similar to the gold price formation (every year gold grows in value and can be used as an asset). This is achieved by encouraging a long-term investment relationship on the part of the project participants.

DHB holders receive guarantees to participate in the distribution of profits of the project DAHAB. After receiving his participation fee, he can dispose of the profits himself: sell, exchange or keep the asset for future use.

On May 14, 2022, the DAHAB project launched an Open TokenSale on its official website for the distribution of 7% of DHB tokens among early investors. The project has a total issuance of 19,000,000,000 tokens. Several investment solutions are available for investors, each with its own benefits:

Option #1 – has a lower cost of $0.0003 per 1 DHB, you can get tokens with an automatic BUSD, USDT / DHB Swap, a minimum of $100. But in this case, the investor agrees to token lock-in for 6 months.

Option #2 – has a higher price $0.0006 for 1 DHB, you can get tokens just by paying a wide list of accounts of the project BUSD, USDT, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, besides in this case there is no blocking of funds. But the minimum purchase amount is $500.

Prior to the launch of the Open Round, the project held Closed Trades. The Dahab Alealam Closed Round lasted from April 2, 2022 to May 14, 2022. During this time, the DAHAB team was able to reach hundreds of early investors, which became the foundation for the development of our global project. The Closed Round was conducted without extensive marketing support, only through direct connections with major investors in digital assets.

They used a cold inquiry method that helped them connect with major investment funds, crypto teams and opinion leaders. After sending over 10,000 queries the team got a conversion rate of over 30% positive responses. A total of 0.5% of DAHAB project issues was distributed at the Closed Round.

DAHAB’s main digital product

The main digital product of DAHAB will be the mobile app. The DAHAB App service is your digital financial identity, your avatar in the world of digital services. Create your account in the Dahab app, get a personal crypto wallet and a virtual bank card, connect the services you need and manage your assets at the touch of a finger. You actually get a financial social network, where none of the participants do not hide their identity and can freely manage their funds in a Web3 technology environment.  

Buy and sell cryptocurrency

Top up your virtual bank card in the DAHAB App with fiat funds and instantly convert fiat into any available crypto asset.

Pay for daily purchases and services

Pay for utilities whose bills you can bookmark in the app in advance. Pay for regular entertainment services such as YouTube Premium, Spotify, Netflix. Shop for items online from your personal DAHAB App account, allowing access to Amazon or Ebay services. Use cab services by linking your virtual DAHAB account to UBER or BOLD. You can also get cashback on your DAHAB Virtual Card.

Transfer the money

You can open the DAHAB App to your personal contacts and send funds directly to a family member or friend who also uses our app. The discovery option in the app allows you to locate DAHAB users nearby and send or receive funds “over the air”.

Keep your funds in your DAHAB account

All of your assets are completely under your control, being in a digital accounting system that cannot be hacked or edited unless the person themselves provide access to their account. So you can safely keep as much money as you want in your DAHAB account and have access to it 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Invest for long term

Get stable interest on your investment in the development of the project. The Staking and Farming long-term investment technology allows every DAHAB App user to invest any available amount in DHB assets in a few clicks. Thanks to this, you will receive a stable income of up to 100% APR per annum as a reward for helping you develop your project. Remuneration depends on the investment period, which can be from 6 to 12 months. At the end of the investment period the application returns to your account the invested funds together with the income. The entire investment process is governed by a perfect Blockchain accounting system and smart contracts.

The problem Muslim investors should be wary of is the presence of gharrar. Garar is defined as risk, uncertainty and danger.

Abu Hurarir reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) forbade the sale of gharrar. Because of this, scholars consider it unacceptable to invest in conventional derivatives such as options and futures because of the amount of gharrar associated with them.

Dahab offers its investors extremely stable rewards for participating in the project. Every investor can expect a certain reward for his contribution to the project in relation to the 6 / 9 / 12 months of participation. Dahab is a common cause only multiplied globally. Each participant has responsibility for the development of the project, equal to his investment and as a consequence – equal shares of the reward for participation and development of the project. And modern blockchain technology makes it possible to record each participant’s participation and their share of responsibility in the project.

Join the social networks of the DAHAB project, follow and participate in the development – Telegram and Twitter.

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