Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center Has a Speech Pathologist Offering Feeding, Swallowing, and Speech Therapy Treatments in Lakewood, OH


Lakewood, OH – Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center is offering treatments for feeding, swallowing, and speech challenges in Lakewood. The clinic treats conditions that result from neurologic problems, congenital anomalies, metabolic disorders, cognitive or behavioral limitations, psychosocial issues, chronic illnesses, and GI disorders. Their speech pathologist has expertise in swallowing aspiration and/or choking cases. Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center services include speech cognitive and swallowing therapy and a home-based intensive feeding program. Their speech pathologist works closely with a GI (Gastroenterology Associates of Cleveland, Incorporated in Beachwood) for quality patient outcomes. The clinic’s treatments aim at eliminating behaviors like gagging, refusing food, vomiting, and spitting, among newborns and preemies. Their Cleveland speech therapist can offer diagnoses that may include but are not limited to strokes, head and neck cancer, and traumatic brain injury. Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center looks into cases, records, and the evaluation of individuals for diagnoses and to inform decision making.

Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center has a team of trained and licensed professionals working with their speech pathologists to improve patients’ feeding, swallowing, and speech. The clinic uses modern technologies, techniques, and well-researched methods to diagnose and treat different types of conditions. Their treatment includes VitalStim(R) Therapy – an FDA-cleared therapy program using neuromuscular electrical stimulation. One of the clinic’s patients had this to say about their services, “I am lucky to have found my swallowing therapist Esther Verbovszky of Cleveland Feeding and Swallowing Center. The clinic offers a complete dysphagia screening and treatment program, including VitalStim(R) Therapy. Esther thinks out of the box and is constantly searching for new things and practices that can help.”

The presence of an in-house speech pathologist at Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center allows the clinic to deliver specialized treatment to patients. The clinic staff’s experience and training make them conversant with many viable treatment options for their patients with the goal of quality care. The technologies and methods they use capture relevant trends and research to incorporate modern treatments and techniques relevant to treating different conditions. Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center treats multiple conditions, which helps them fulfill the different needs that their patients may have.

Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center offers other services like home visits, conferences, and seminars. Patients suffering from chronic diseases or experiencing difficulty reaching the facility can receive treatment from the convenience of their homes. The clinic has seminars and conferences which empower patients and other professionals on different topics relating to feeding, swallowing, and speech difficulties.

Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center is located at 18626 Detroit Ave Suite A, Lakewood, OH, 44107, USA. For consultations and bookings, contact their staff by calling (216) 320-2456. Visit the company website for more information on their speech therapy treatments.

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