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With the rise in popularity of remote workers and online jobs, many digital nomads have found themselves looking for fresh places to travel and work, with reasonable accommodations. This new report launched by Crucial Constructs explores all the details online employees need to know when planning a stay in Asheville, North Carolina.

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While traditional travel guides discuss tourist locations and short-term accommodations, this information is only a small part of what remote workers need to know before traveling to a new location. The recently launched report includes details about co-working spaces, internet accessibility, and the cost of living.

Asheville is known for its art deco architecture, and as the birthplace of Thomas Wolfe, the popular author. The report includes a wide variety of interesting attractions, as well as suggestions for traveling and eating on a budget.

The report suggests that transportation in the area is inexpensive, and because of the small size of the area, much of it can be traveled on foot. There is also a public bus network with significant coverage and Uber drivers for late-night travel.

Internet access in the area is fast enough for any remote jobs, with most locations offering 50 Mbps or higher. The report also includes a list of digital nomad-friendly cafes, where remote employees can do their work while also enjoying the local scenery and coffee.

There are several co-working spaces available in Asheville, some of which offer 24/7 access, meeting rooms, and complimentary coffee. The report details which co-working spaces offer additional features, and their estimated prices. It also provides a list of laundry services in the area.

Digital nomads who find themselves looking for more to explore in the area can find a list of nearby destinations outside of Asheville, including museums, scenic locations, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Crucial Constructs is an educational resource and training program directory for digital entrepreneurs of all kinds. They regularly share articles about e-commerce, marketing, and blogging, as well as useful guides for digital nomads.

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