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Siddharth Rajsekar, Founder of Internet Lifestyle Hub, one of the largest communities for coaches, globally, continues his Master’s Secrets series and interviewed Puja Puneet, a leading life coach especially for women in India in the latest episode. Puja Puneet specialises in one on one coaching sessions and she specialises in coaching women. Siddharth adds, “Puja has created an impact in the lives of hundreds of women and she continues to do so.”

Puja faced a lot of challenges in her life, even though she did well with her education, her life seemed empty. She wanted to get into law school but due to the different paths that life had laid out for her, she could not pursue her dream. This created a void within, ultimately one fine day, she decided to just start doing something. As she was a mother of two, the first idea that came to her mind was opening a preschool. She did the same in Chennai and surprisingly in the first four months, the preschool had hundreds of parents, signing up their children. Starting the preschool opened up many avenues and eventually, Puja ended up counselling a few parents and soon realised that one to one coaching is her life’s mission. She travelled to the USA and learnt from her mentor, Jack Canfield in his ‘ Train the Trainer course. She had decided then that if she becomes successful she will focus on using her skills to empower women and the rest is history.

After completing her course, Puja started conducting and financing multiple events, to raise awareness about coaching and taking on one to one client through these events. SIddharth and Puja met at one such event and since then have been working together to flourish the coaching industry in India. Puja commented on how what a life coach teaches is something very crucial in our journey of life, and how it should be adapted as a part of our general education system. While Siddharth focuses on digital coaching, Puja focuses on the one to one touch with each client.

After Puja shares her journey, Siddharth progresses to ask Puja, about her first one to one client experience. Puja shares how she was very nervous as any other person trying something new would be. For one to one, Puja had to ensure that she created a safe space for her client so she knows everything about them. The first one on one session was nerve wrecking but once it was through, it helped her gain courage.

Shortly after this Siddharth asks her the million dollar question, “What are the impactful attributes of a one to one coach?” Puja shares according to her, what should be the must have attributes of a One to One Coach.

Bold Enthusiasm

Coaching is a profession wherein energies are exchanged and in a one to one session, even more so. Knowledge sharing can be easier but ensuring that the knowledge is transformational for the client is the greater challenge. A coach has to wake up and boost his energy levels, in order to do justice for their client. It is not humanly possible to be high on energy always, Puja shared a tip that can test your energy level for the day. Before starting your day, try to do some activity, maybe a crazy dance, if the coach has the energy within, it will be felt but if not so, it will reflect in the activity and certainly the coach should take the hint for the day.

Least Possible Judgement

A coach should ideally be neutral towards a client, the coach’s perceptions should not hamper the session. Judging can be the worst thing to do to the client reaching out for help. A coach tends to judge a person as every person has a set value system, and if this value system is not aligned with the client’s, the coach should not go ahead with the case. The reason being, the moment a client senses judgement, they will build a wall and become defensive, the purpose of coaching is to do exactly the opposite.


The client, when in the coach’s room should feel only love, when the coach starts finding flaws, they are no different than the outer world already judging the soul.


Ensuring a safe space, whatever is shared between the coach and client must remain confidential. Puja does not even allow any associate to enter her office while she is in a session.

Raise their Ambition

It is rare for a person to believe in themselves, give them the courage to achieve their dreams and take drastic measures to do the same. Puja said, “They have to see themselves with your eyes, this is when they will truly start to believe themselves. You can see in them what they cannot see in themselves.”

Do not Give Advice

Never give a client advice, there is no right answer in coaching. The approach should be based on what the client’s needs are. Ensure that the onus of the decision making is on them.

Have a high level of integrity

Be the most honest version of yourself, in every small thing. Coaches are paid for their words and it is necessary to be more honourable towards them.

Have the courage to say NO

Trust is built when the coach is true to the client. When a topic is of unknown knowledge to the coach, they must admit it and get back to the client with a trusted source for their query or research and proceed.

Believe in Yourself

One to One coaches feel the need to know everything but that is not possible, one learns as theyy practice. Doubts should be packed and put in the dustbin.

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