New Haven, CT – Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven has become a top choice for quality and reliable surveillance camera installation in New Haven. The company offers and installs HD cameras that feature high-quality footage, ruling out the need to struggle with pixelation, static, or other noises in captured videos. These cameras are at least 9x the resolution of one analog camera, with the 10-megapixel cameras being 30x the resolution. Besides employing the same technology as HSBC, Domino’s Pizza, and Peter Pan Bus Lines, this company can install any type of CCTV camera brand from major manufacturers in the industry.

Speaking about the company’s camera installation service, a representative had this to say: “The camera surveillance systems that we employ take advantage of internet-capable mobile devices in order to provide remote viewing capability. All that is needed is to install the apps on an iOS or Android device, and property owners can safely monitor the video feeds from a distance or even miles away from the sites. Our wireless cameras also make installation possible in situations that would normally make wire camera installation difficult or unfeasible, such as inside elevators or in locations that are significantly far away from the monitors.”

Being the second-largest city in the U.S. state of Connecticut, New Haven is no exception when it comes to gross criminal cases. Owing to its large and densely packed population, with a number of social establishments, this city has experienced an unusually high crime rate over the past years. The most recent criminal statistical data has it that New Haven stands at a crime index of 6, meaning it is only safer than 6% of U.S. cities. This necessitates the need for surveillance camera installation at strategic points to boost security. This is where Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven comes in as its surveillance camera systems feature a number of advantages, including a wide variety of HD CCTV cameras with remote monitoring capabilities.

Their modular surveillance system allows room for future expansion and modification for clients having existing CCTV cameras installed on their property. The company works with dedicated and multiple teams so as to scale down the addition of extra cameras, storage, as well as DVRs during the expansion or modification process. All they do is install them on top of the existing systems. Their wireless HD cameras are the simplest to install as they do not require complex wiring and can be installed in areas where wiring is almost impractical. These wireless cameras can be remotely viewed through an app installed on iOS or Android and any other internet-capable mobile device.

Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven is located at 857 Whalley Ave Suite 201, New Haven, CT, 06515. For general inquiries, consultations, and appointment booking, contact them via phone at (203) 747-8244. Visit the company’s website to view videos and galleries of their past projects and to learn more about their security camera installation services in the area.


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Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven
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