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Dr. Tracy Thomas, the world’s first Emotional Scientist(C), renowned psychologist, and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The Commitments: A Step-by-Step Guide to Personal Transformation, talks about why so many people have trouble successfully receiving abundance in their life, and how you can receive easily. As the old adage says, “Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it.”

“Let’s say I have a successful client, and she wants a position in the C-suite,” Dr. Thomas says. “But then she’ll get all these offers and get overwhelmed.” This can be a common problem when people are not intentional about what they want.

The solution is to stay focused on finding the perfect fit in the job offers, and not getting distracted by other factors. “It’s a whole other level of understanding how much life is giving you what you intend and saying ‘yes’ to that,” Thomas says. “You can do that easily if you aren’t saying ‘yes’ to things that aren’t your intention.”

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Priming yourself to receive is a key part of the work at Dr. Tracy Inc., and why Thomas’ intentional training(C) program is so effective. Thomas and her team routinely work with influential, high-impact individuals to help them move from overwhelm into intention.

You can learn more about Dr. Tracy at drtracyinc.com, where you can book a free consultation to assess your intentional capacity compared to what you’d like it to be, allowing you to get a highly valuable assessment of what it takes for you to become your most intentional self, putting distracting and impacting reactivity in the rear view mirror, and making focus, creativity, productivity and prosperity a way of existing for life.

Much more on how to live intentionally can also be found in Dr. Tracy’s best-selling books: The Method, drtracyinc.com/the-method, and The Commitments, which is an Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Wall St. Journal bestseller drtracyinc.com/the-commitments.

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