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K9 Rocks uses online educational resources and find studies to benefit both canines and their owners. K9 Rocks found studies that Greenies Dental Chew on dogs’ oral health and found good results.

In order to keep a dog’s teeth and gums healthy, Greenies dental sticks are a great option. These low-fat, vitamin-enriched dog treats are a great way to keep the pet happy and healthy. Is it OK to give Can dogs eat Greenies? Yes, when used properly, Greenies can help keep teeth and gums healthy. Veterinarians advise feeding pets a vitamin-mineral-rich diet.

The shape and texture of Greenies Dental Chews have been specifically engineered for maximum dental efficacy. Dogs can get a better grip on the product because of its chewy texture and “bristles” that wrap around their teeth. Plaque and tartar buildup can be reduced by brushing the teeth against these bristles and moving them in and out of them in a circular motion.

Greenies were once thought to be hazardous to dogs, causing health issues. A clog was suspected to be caused by Greenies not digesting properly in the pet’s intestine. Having a veterinarian do surgery to remove clogs was quite expensive. Products have been linked to multiple pet deaths due to its original formula. The manufacturer had to recall Greenies to keep pets from eating them. In response to the Greenies recall, the company’s designers devised a fresh formulation of the chews.

Greenies Dental Chews have been shown to reduce tartar and plaque buildup in dogs by 60% and 33%, respectively, over the course of 28 days in independent trials. Using Greenies Dental Chews, one may maintain a healthy mouth. Scientifically proven to help prevent plaque and tartar buildup, as well as preserve healthy gums and reduce oral malodor (halitosis). Veterinary Oral Health Council requirements for approval have been met by Nutro quality checks and methods.

K9 Rocks found out during research that it is recommended to use a toothbrush, in addition to dental chews for best result of clean and healthy teeth.

Using both of these procedures together can help avoid gingivitis and other tooth issues.

For elderly dogs, it all depends on their health, including their teeth. If dogs already have digestive issues or are overweight, giving them Greenies or any other form of treat is usually not a good idea. It’s not a complete dental treatment, but it helps keep pets’ teeth clean and fresh. Regular cleanings at the vet are still required.

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