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Portland, OR – An unplanned pregnancy draws up a wide range of emotions, even in the best of circumstances. With an unplanned pregnancy, an individual needs to consider their options before deciding on the best approach. To make an informed decision, they need to visit Pregnancy Resource Center, a facility that has been walking patients through their unplanned pregnancies.

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, a team of professionals has been serving patients facing unplanned pregnancies in a confidential, safe, and judgment-free environment. With a network of pregnancy centers in Portland, Beaverton, and Gresham, they have managed to offer more personalized services to many patients, allowing them to get back on track. An unplanned pregnancy is stressful to most women, and this is why the staff is committed to treating each patient with respect, compassion, understanding, and care.

When a patient visits Pregnancy Resource Center, the team provides them with a free pregnancy test during their appointment. While home pregnancy tests are reliable, the facility uses urine-based tests, which are laboratory-rated and 99% accurate. The nurses that administer the pregnancy tests are trained to provide a written verification/confirmation of a positive pregnancy test. During the appointment, the nurses also assess common pregnancy symptoms such as a missed period, fatigue, light spotting, nausea, uterine cramping, constipation, and many more.

The Pregnancy Resource Center is a free first/second-trimester obstetric ultrasound provider. An ultrasound rules out miscarriages/ectopic pregnancies and diagnoses a viable intrauterine pregnancy. In addition to seeing the baby for the first time, the ultrasound shows the baby’s heart rate, approximates the due date, shows the baby’s size, and highlights any abnormalities. Before the free ultrasound procedure is conducted, a nurse speaks to the patient about their pregnancy and checks their vital signs. Once completed, the nurse applies a sound-conducting gel to the patient’s belly for a transabdominal ultrasound.

If a transvaginal ultrasound is needed, the patient is instructed on the next steps to take before a transvaginal transducer is placed to get a clear image of the baby. Alongside pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, Pregnancy Resource Center offers pregnancy counseling, where peer-to-peer counselors help patients get the information/resources they need to move forward. This may include information on additional medical attention, clothing, community resources, classes, and other forms of personalized support. The nurses are also trained to offer free STD/STI testing for women. Additionally, the facility’s website has options women can choose from, whether they’re thinking about parenting, adoption, or abortion.

The team is also passionate about educating and empowering their patients. They have answers to frequently asked questions, insight on depression pregnancy, steps to take when experiencing pregnancy cravings, and extensive information on unplanned pregnancy. To talk with the team about their services, call 503-777-7097 or visit Pregnancy Resource Center is located at 5117 SE Powell Blvd. #3, Portland, OR, 97206, US.

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