Minneapolis, MN – Summer is the hottest season of the year, characterized by sunny days, warm nights, and beautiful foliage. While the warmer months are perfect for outdoor activities, bugs also come out from yards, cracks, crevices, and walls to find food or enjoy the weather. To minimize bug infestations in Minneapolis is Valor Pest Solutions Minneapolis, a trustworthy local company with more than 30 years of pest control experience. The company comprises a team of exterminators familiar with the weather seasons of Minnesota and the pests that come along.

With the knowledge that homes attract different kinds of pests, the team offers customized pest control services based on the needs of property owners and their locations. They believe that the knowledge they have gained throughout the years has made them experts in the field, and this is why they focus on understanding the signs of pest infestations, identifying their nests, and exterminating them.

The most popular ants in Minnesota are sugar, carpenter, and pavement ants. They’re notorious for infesting homes since they’re attracted to sugar, plant sap, seeds, other insects, wood surfaces, honey, bread, cheese, meat, or nuts. When a homeowner has an ant infestation, they will likely find other pests such as spiders and centipedes that feed on them. With this in mind, Valor Pest Solutions Minneapolis uses base sprays, lawn treatment, and crack/crevice treatment to get rid of ants. Alongside ant extermination, the team offers wasp, mosquito, tick, and boxelder bug control services.

Individuals who live/work by fields, new construction sites, or water sources are prone to experience mice infestations. While they can be kept as pets, mice can cause extensive property damage, transmit diseases, contaminate food, or render a building unlivable. Since they like to nest inside wall voids or bite through seals/caulking/wiring, Valor Pest Solutions Minneapolis customizes mice control services after conducting an inspection.

The exterminators then use bait, boxes, and traps or perform exclusion work such as mint caulking, copper wiring, or sealing holes to prevent future infestations. Additionally, the pest control company uses mole extermination products to get rid of moles from yards and encourage the growth of healthy grass/plants.

By identifying the root cause of a pest infestation, Valor Pest Solutions Minneapolis helps property owners prevent future problems. The team has also written insightful articles that educate and empower clients about pests. They have topics on how to avoid spiders, interesting insect facts, how to keep mice away from homes, and many more.

To learn more about their pest control services, call (763) 777-7010 or visit valorpestsolutions.com/minneapolis. Valor Pest Solutions Minneapolis is located at 2912 Chowen Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55416, US.

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