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Edward Vlady, lead editor of, published an informative review of Dan Hollings’ The Plan crypto grid bot training course. The report analyzes both the advantages and disadvantages of the The Plan, and offers a bonus set of concise educational trainings to cover any missing gaps in the course.

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The crypto market is constantly volatile, but with over 10,000 tests over 3 years of trial and error, full-time day-trader and cryptocurrency expert, Dan Hollings has discovered a way to use automated grid trading bots to generate profits whether the market goes up or down. The volatility of the market is actually where the profits are made.

The Plan strategy applies Dan’s proprietary techniques while utilizing Bitsgap bot trading software to execute hundreds of cryptocurrency transactions a day. Users will make micro profits from each transaction the bot makes when it buys or sells coins. Dan has taught over 16,000 students how to maximize profits and minimize risks in his in-depth and easy-to-follow online training sessions.

Using crypto bots, users learn how to turn their initial investment into cryptocurrency profits in just a few minutes per day once they complete the training. The Plan might be a great solution for anyone looking for a way to generate high income in a passive way.

According to Edward Vlady’s report, Dan Hollings’ offers a solid course but is not fail proof. Vlady points out the missing elements in the training, and offers unique bonus trainings specifically tailored to The Plan to cover the noted gaps in the course. The extra training help students of The Plan to have the right mindset and strategy in place ahead of time so that maximum profits and minimal losses will occur even if the market suddenly turns in an undesirable direction. The bonus trainings offer:

-The Easy Bot Profits 2.0 Training

-The Plan Quick-Start Summary Guide Checklist

-The Ultimate Compound Profit Crypto Strategy

-Bot Insight Profits Training

-How to Profit When The Grid Goes Down

In the report, Vlady also highlights how any bonuses that come with a course should genuinely compliment the course and not result in overwhelming or distracting students with unnecessary things to learn or do. Vlady focuses on the most efficient ways to accomplish one’s objectives, and notes that the bonus trainings available from the EnjinWire website are right to the point and tailored to The Plan.

The Plan is for beginners and experienced traders, and uses a rule-based strategy system that results in bot automation software making hundreds of tiny transactions per minute, delivering consistent profits directly to students. The training offers users multiple ways to experience gains with cryptocurrencies while utilizing various methods that Dan has found to work well.

The training offers students of The Plan everything they need in one place: Indicators, trading analysis expert methods, automated trading bots, an understanding of how cryptos work, and robust ongoing support. The program is based on Dan’s several years of testing and solid data.

The course is appropriate for anyone looking to gain a fundamental understanding of crypto trading as well as minimize the risk of losing money on confusing crypto platforms by learning how to trade crypto in a safe environment with a cryptocurrency expert who clearly explains the key things that students need to know.

According to Edward Vlady, The Plan is specifically for people who are interested in passive crypto investing strategies that are:

-good for both short and long-term investing

-don’t want to spend hours researching each coin and market trend

-don’t want to endure the emotional swings that most investors do

-and are specifically focused on being as safe as possible aims to provide readers with relevant, useful information about the cryptocurrency industry and trending news.

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Edward Vlady believes in providing readers with legitimate sources of information to help crypto investors and enthusiasts stay safe and avoid all the scams and dangerous information in the crypto industry. The full in-depth review of The Plan includes all the information one would expect from a thorough review by a customer of the course itself.

The full report on EnjinWire analyses how Dan Hollings’ bot insights can help one become a better crypto trader. The report also discusses the risks of using The Plan and how one can gain access to the Crypto Multiplier Bundle Bonus that fills in the gaps in the The Plan. All this can be found at:

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be trusted as such. The crypto market is high-risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult professional financial adviser before making any investment decisions.


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