Soheil Khodabandeh’s comments about trance music:

Soheil Khodabandeh

Trance music is a style of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s.

Trance music is generally known for its 110 to 150 beats per minute,

short melodic phrases, synthesizer, and form of music that creates ups and downs.

Most of the people in the world who make trance music are mostly DJs and there are many people like Armin van Bjorn, Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, etc.

The presence of the Dutch in trance music style is very large and impressive. .

There are many festivals in the world such as Tomaroland (Tomorland),

Ultra Music Festival (UMF), etc., which are held all over the world and people raise their country’s flag as a sign of world peace.

Trance music in Iran:

In Iran, trance music is often used in celebrations, meetings, parties and weddings.

This style can also be understood as a combination of different forms of electronic music such as industrial music, techno music and house music.

The origin of the word ecstasy or trance is unknown,

but there are ideas that it’s derived from Klaus Schultz’s 1981 album Transfer,

or from the movements of the early days of the genre (Dance2Trance).

In any case, this name is undoubtedly related to the observed ability to use music to overcome the state of consciousness known as ecstasy.

Some of the effects of some of the pieces of music made in this style are related to the ecstatic music that is made by shamans during the drumming period.

Since this music is widely played in nightclubs, entertainment venues and in cities, it can be considered as a kind of club music.

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