Interview with Teniler, a young hip hop and rap singer

Interview with Teniler, a young hip hop and rap singer
Do you think you can still be at the peak of music in the new decade?

Music is like a game of chess. It is easier to get to a place than to maintain it. An absence of mind and a mistake can change a person’s rating and professional position.

Passion in the nineties; Hopefully, I will try to present better and more works; I appreciate the pure feeling of the esteemed audience; Ironically, my teammates and co-workers have the same intention. . .

In general, what is your assessment of pop music in the 80’s?

Would you please give a detailed account of the strengths and weaknesses of our music in the new decade?

Music is a functional component and is affected by many factors. The music of the new decade can only be analyzed comparatively and chronologically by comparing the events of the new decade, and that is certainly not the case in such an interview.

What do you think are the ways to improve hip hop music?

Cultural and intelligent support for the youth and taking care of the living conditions of the artists and creating welfare bases, both mental and physical, to produce better and more quality musical works.

Who has been your best collaborator during your artistic activity? That is, who has been closer to your taste and style?

All the people I have worked with have had this closeness and empathy in some way.

In fact, it was our common empathy and taste that created the work and the formation of these works;

There is a style and method in which I work today.

In addition, each of my colleagues, including professors and younger people, have their own unique attractions and works in the field,

and so the field of creation and innovation in music is diverse and It is colorful, which in principle makes comparison difficult and perhaps impossible in some fields, especially since the mind of the comparator,

who is a slave, is constantly evolving and moving …

What effect did the audience’s taste have on your work process?

What is your personal taste in music other than the audience discussion?

Definitely the taste of the audience; Every producer thinks and hopes, but achieving a good grade point average between this component and the author’s intellectual principles that underlie every thoughtful action is important and desirable,

and I hope to succeed in producing a music album as a whole; To make a thoughtful and attractive move … but my personal taste in a word is: “a good effect” regardless of the format of the music or the format of its words …

that is, I do not have a prejudice that a work must be something in order to do it To listen with seriousness and interest; Many times an interesting and valuable work (in my opinion) has made me interested in a style of music that I had not been interested in before.

How risky are you in music?

You should say this, but I think with a general look at the various works of my composer and friend, the composer and the poet, it can be said that I am a very risky singer; do you agree? . . .

Do you think an album should meet the expectations of different strata and tastes?

If different strata and tastes; If the audience of an artist is included, that person is obliged to pay attention to their wishes and to be principled; Keep them satisfied and give them valuable messages in different

and diverse musical outfits according to their ability. This is hard work but very big.

What do you do for a living?

Do you have an album this year as well? And do you record future works abroad? I am currently designing several album genres in the stage of collecting works and selecting that the sooner each one is produced,

the sooner it will be presented, and this stage is one of the critical stages in the formation of the work that I should be able to revolve around a valuable mental or spiritual idea. In the center ;

Let me draw a proportionate circle and then paint the area with my colleagues … Yes, if necessary, and especially with the relationships created in the previous trip, we will still record some work abroad, God willing.

How much music do you listen to during the day? How much do you practice?

All the time I’m in the car – and there are many – I’m either listening to music or practicing, and if I do not have such an opportunity, I immediately practice in a suitable place; I am even busy whispering.

Because of your voice, do you have a special diet as a singer?

Usually not so much. . . But I have a series of abstinences near concerts or when I get sick.

Are you usually up to date with world music news? Have you ever been influenced by this music?

The effect of music news is not in that way, but I am influenced by performances and I follow them.

How effective do you think paying attention to Iranian folk music is in promoting hip hop music?

I consider it one of the main themes of Iranian hip hop music.

An important piece of advice for young people

I advise young people who want to come to music either not to do so or to come to music firmly.

Young people who want to become singers should be careful in choosing their poems and songs and be careful not to do even a weak thing.

Do not enter their professional record
I am not looking for fame:

,I love my job and I’m not looking for fame at all.

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