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Thanks to Smart Glass Country, workspace design may never be the same again. The company has developed a type of smart glass that can alternate between clear, frosted, and opaque with the flick of a switch without the use of window coverings. This new type of glass and window film means that commercial outlets will be able to achieve flexible privacy on the fly, without having to make any physical changes to their premises.

SGC’s incredible breakthrough depends on the brand’s smart film technology. Products feature a switchable PDLC liquid crystal layer sandwiched between two glass sheets that activates when an electrical current passes through it. The technology is also available as a film that can easily be applied to existing glass windows, walls and doors. Once activated, films can display any image or pattern companies desire using rear projection systems. Switchable logos and designs can even be embedded in the glass.

“Smart glass and film are changing the way offices are designed by creating flexible workspaces that can be both private and function as part of an open office plan,” the company says. “Now interior designers no longer have to choose between openness and privacy when designing commercial spaces. Smart glass makes them both possible simultaneously.”

Once installed, smart glass can be wired and operated just like a conventional room light. Wall switches, remote controls, smart phones and voice command operation are all compatible, according to the company.

New Conference Room Options

Conference rooms are among the primary beneficiaries of SGC’s innovative smart glass technology. With it, staff can now instantly switch between frosted and transparent glass, facilitating both open-plan and privacy.

Reduced In-Office Distractions

Smart glass may also act as a barrier against noise and distractions. Glass-walled offices, for instance, can use the brand’s technology to block out visual distractions while still permitting natural light to flow into the space, maintaining an open and connected work culture.

Reduce Glare

Glare reduction is a reality, too. SGC says that the new technology is able to eliminate annoying sunlight while also allowing two-thirds of natural light to enter the room.

About Smart Glass Country

Smart Glass Country has been refining its smart glass technology ever since its inception in 2012. It has since become one of the most reputable and well-known smart film and glass providers in North America. Today, it is trusted by school boards, hospitals, architects and designers, as well as some high-flying commercial enterprises, including Google, Boeing, Visa, Cartier and Xerox.

Such names are being attracted to the brand because of the way its products enable them to change how they design their offices and because they offer superior quality. With smart glass, there is no longer any need to make privacy tradeoffs. Workplaces can be both open plan and private, when the need arises, eliminating the need for conventional blinds.

To learn more about SGC’s smart glass and films, please visit To contact the brand by telephone, call 1-877-771-0726 or email at

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