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The Hartville-based health care provider announced the expansion with the goal of supporting those who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis and other conditions. Its comprehensive health plans are available throughout the Cleveland area, providing patients with ongoing care.

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Through its newly expanded treatment options, Beneficial Health pledges to help patients with chronic knee problems enhance their quality of life. By effectively managing their pain and boosting joint function, the center ensures that patients can aim to stay active with a significant reduction in their discomfort.

Beneficial Health describes osteoarthritis as the result of degeneration in protective cartilage. It can lead to joint issues and debilitating pain in a range of areas, including the knee, back, shoulders, and more. In order to provide Cleveland-area patients with much-needed relief, the Hartville health center makes available options specifically suited to address degeneration and deliver solutions.

Utilizing the latest industry-approved technological methods, Beneficial Health seeks to promptly evaluate levels of tissue degeneration before crafting a suitable care plan. Its surgery-free techniques are centered around a combination of speed and convenience for patients. No recovery time is needed, preventing patients from experiencing any impediment to their daily schedule.

Cleveland patients with knee pain and stiffness can benefit from Beneficial Health’s fluoroscopy gel injection treatments, guided by x-ray imagery for precise accuracy. The Hartville team administers viscosupplements directly into affected areas of the knee, with the treatment option designed to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

This method is included in an array of minimally-invasive plans. Beneficial Health staff will carry out extensive examinations in order to assess the most optimal treatment method for osteoarthritis-based knee pain. Cleveland patients in need can contact the Hartville health center via its website to arrange complimentary screenings.

A center spokesperson said: “Our team of specialists understand how pain can make daily living activities difficult for patients with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, hip, pain, or back. Our goal is to restore joint function and decrease pain levels with non-surgical and minimally-invasive procedures.”

Interested parties across Cleveland, Hartville, and nearby are invited to visit to learn more about Beneficial Health and its targeted treatments for osteoarthritis-related knee pain.

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Beneficial Health
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