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Many homeowners become quickly overwhelmed by the thought of starting a design project. CoCreative Interiors has the perfect solution!

With a unique collaborative design process, their team of experts help every step of the way to design a room that fits every client’s style, needs and budget.

Today CoCreative Interiors is excited to announce a new product – the SheBang. The Shebang lays the foundation for design projects. This is the perfect solution for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by where to start with their space.

What is included in the SheBang?

A comprehensive and personalized design plan that takes the guesswork out of starting projects

To-scale floor plans to shows what goes where and how each piece will fit

Storyboards with clickable links to foundational items suggested for the custom plans

Guidelines for selecting foundational pieces, including ideal measurements

Custom color scheme to create a cohesive look and feel

Lighting plan to suit the functionality and mood of a space

Conceptual styling plan showing how a design will be brought to life

Real-time virtual plan review session

A recording of the virtual review session

Exclusive access to CoCreative Interior’s rolodex of trusted project professionals

And all processes and deliverables included in The Zhush service

This unique cocreative service is the perfect solution for anyone who is overwhelmed by the thought of starting a design project alone, but yet doesn’t want to break the bank. CoCreative Interior’s clients are usually women who are busy professionals, moms, or empty nesters who want to update their home but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it on their own.

The SheBang includes everything needed to get started deciding which new pieces to buy for every space, from detailed floor plans to color schemes and lighting plans. Each custom plan includes details and purchasing options while also offering flexibility to ensure the end result is a true reflection of our client’s style, needs and budget.

CoCreative’s experts help and guide throughout the entire process, to make sure clients can relax and enjoy their finished space.

CoCreative Interiors is a company that believes in the power of happiness and bringing joy into people’s homes, meaning they pay attention to what clients want, and what they need. The team also understands that everyone’s style is different. The SheBang was created to give homeowners a personalized design experience, without the designer price tag.

Following the detailed plan, once foundational pieces are in place next up is the Zhush -the team purchases accent pieces on behalf of clients. Installation day is scheduled once any primary pieces have been successfully delivered to the home. The crew arranges furnishings and styles everything so clients can relax and enjoy their fully finished spaces!

Contact CoCreative Interiors today to get started on a dream room, using the Shebang – a perfect solution for anyone who wants help to transform their home into a happy and beautiful space!

Contact CoCreative Interiors today and ask about The SheBang!CoCreative

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