Katy, TX – LCABA is dedicated to delivering autism behavioral therapy treatments for children with developmental delays and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With the mission of obtaining positive growth for the clients/families it serves, the medical clinic uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy and custom curricula-based norm-referenced milestones to achieve positive outcomes. The practicing therapists are qualified, experienced, motivated, dedicated, and compassionate to take care of clients with ASD, delayed milestones, and related disorders.

To ensure quality, the team works directly with each client weekly to assess their progress, adjust treatment goals/strategies, or address any concerns. LCABA provides a fun learning environment that allows children to feel comfortable and safe using positive rapport and reinforcement. The therapists are trained to use specific prompting techniques to maximize a child’s success, allowing them to feel more confident while learning new skills.

LCABA offers several ABA therapy techniques tailored to meet a child’s specific goals. As a clinic-based ABA center, the team provides focused and comprehensive behavioral therapy treatment plans to help clients learn and think differently. Their ABA therapy techniques use positive reinforcement or affirmations to encourage clients to repeat desired behavior, enabling them to build the confidence they need to make improvements or adjustments to behavior. With flexible treatment programs, the team can work with all types of clients, no matter their scheduling or familial needs.

One of the main goals of the clinic is to teach children to be flexible learners. For this reason, the team goes beyond the traditional approaches to ABA therapy by utilizing different teaching methods and tools during therapy sessions. They teach students to respond to written/verbal instructions, different materials, instructors, and teaching formats. The therapy sessions take place indoors and outdoors to expose the students to more stimuli and teach them to adapt to the changes in life. Learn More About Learning Continuum by visiting the clinic’s website.

According to LCABA, children with ASD benefit from ABA therapy because it helps them learn social skills, attention skills, communication skills, motor skills, play skills, and life skills. Their comprehensive ABA treatment program takes 20-40hours per week where the child works with a therapist on language, speech, or independent skills. During a session, a therapist can focus on reducing interfering behaviors such as screaming, aggression, or repetitive behaviors to help them communicate effectively.

Additionally, LCABA offers school consultations for public and private schools by conducting function-based behavior intervention plans (BIP) and function-based assessments (FBA). Once BIP is developed, the team provides in-person training to school staff on methods of implementing proactive and reactive strategies. The team also offers district-wide training on ABA approaches/techniques teachers can use in their classrooms. They’re taught how to utilize reinforcement, prompt fading techniques, manage interfering behaviors, and track data in a classroom setting.

With the knowledge that implementing ABA techniques is challenging, LCABA offers additional support to parents and teachers to help them guide children to be functioning members of society. To view Our List Of Services, visit our website or call (832) 321-5464 to request an appointment. We’re located at 21830 Kingsland Blvd Suite 106, Katy, TX, 77450, US.

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