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Poland, 20th Apr 2022, King Newswire, InfraSonic, a fund management and development team with years of experience in the industry has announced the release of version 3.2 of its proprietary A.I. Trading system.

InfraSonic collaborates with Infratrader, an international brokerage house to offer their exclusive fund management services to Infratrader investors. Headed by a team of experienced traders and developers, InfraSonic applies an investment approach which is designed to achieve aggressive returns while building upon a foundation of rigorous risk management and capital preservation.

Infratrader and InfraSonic’s multiple years of partnership has been a fruitful synergy and exchange of intellectual and technological advancements. Infratrader is a regulated broker and has a large group of investors and traders while InfraSonic’s team has many years of experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. Utilising Infratrader’s Metatrader trading platform and investor portal, InfraSonic provides unprecedented fund management services to Infratrader’s investors.

InfraSonic is the pioneer of machine learning and neural network in the financial industry. Its proprietary A.I trading system, namely InfraSonic is a Machine Learning With Neural Network Trading Analytical Artificial Intelligence trading program. It boasts the ability to pull from enterprise data sources, receiving 85k lines of tick data per day per currency pair, 35 years of historical data, the received data endpoints include Live Rates, Tick Historical Rates, Minute Historical Rates, Daily Historical Rates, Time-series, Pandas and Convert. 

Equipped with these data, it uses proprietary predictive and analytical models and machine learning algorithm with unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning to extrapolate application, identify patterns and forecast trends in the market. 

By simulating multitudes of trades across hundreds of currency pairs using historical and present data, the neural constantly improves on its predictive model.

With the release of version 3.2, InfraSonic has greatly enhanced the program’s ability to process the multitude of data presented and increased the speed of analysis and prediction of successful trades.

About Infratrader
In 2014, when Infratrader started as a little broker based in South America it also had intentions to serve worldwide. By 2020, Infratrader had already expanded to the Southeast Asia region and obtained the Canada Fintrac License. With an experience of challenging the dips and rises in the financial trading industry, Infratrader learned and adapted along the way appearing sturdy, dependable, and sound. Joining the global market, dominant, Infratrader invested in AI trading and the MT5 platform integration. Infratrader is the outcome of foresight, hard work, and strict business values.

Media Contact

Media Contact: Infratrader Limited

Contact Person: Damon Philips

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