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Fayetteville, AR – When someone is facing criminal charges or being investigated for a crime, the emotional burden can become overwhelming and make the process much more difficult than thought, not to mention that finances may also be impacted in one way or another. As a team focused on helping its community, wh Law offers the accused in Fayetteville, AR, legal defense services focused on relieving the emotional and financial burden on its clients through aggressive legal representation and the most convenient financing options.

wh Law provides legal assistance and payment plans for clients in need of a criminal defense attorney while being investigated or charged with a crime in federal or state court. This network provides criminal law representation in DWI, drug possession and trafficking, white-collar and organized crime, robbery, homicide, burglary, juvenile, and appeals cases.

“At wh Law, you can get payment plans and even $0 down financing. We understand it is hard to come up with thousands of dollars at once to pay your criminal lawyer. That is why we offer payment plans. So, if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer with payment plans, that is us.” Said the representative for wh Law, regarding great financing options.

Furthermore, wh Law offers assistance in filing bankruptcy in scenarios where people become unable to cover debts due to life events such as job loss, divorce, foreclosure, garnishment, illness, or a lawsuit. Also, it assists people who are no longer able to make the right decisions about themselves, typically seniors, people who are susceptible to fraud or exposed to negative influence, that may need a guardian to take care of their legal affairs. For workers needing employment law or a wrongful dismissal attorney, it offers assistance in cases of employment discrimination, harassment, wrongful dismissal, and termination, disputes overpay, and employment documents review and alternatives.

For family-related matters, wh Law provides its services in family law to handle child custody, divorces, guardianships of minors, and adoptions, to help minimize possible conflicts and if possible, to rebuild relationships. Besides, wh Law practices in probate and state planning, assist executors, personal representatives, and trustees to handle legal matters that may arise in the process of transferring assets according to last wills and testaments. Additionally, wh Law helps clients focus on their recovery in the event of an accident or any personal injury, taking care of cases such as car, 18-wheeler, motorcycle, slip and fall, workplace accidents, and wrongful death.

wh Law is located at 2894 N. McKee Circle, Suite 108, Fayetteville, AR, 72703. For world-class assistance from a criminal defense attorney Fayetteville AR, contact their team via phone at (479) 250-0560. For more information about their services or to book a free strategy service, visit their website.

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