6 filmmaking tips from Afshin Marivani, the top director and filmmaker

According to many, Afshin Marivani is one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema and perhaps the best living director in the world.
Afshin Marivani can be considered as a living library of film. Someone who has not been involved in a series of common shackles and perhaps knows more about directing and filmmaking on the planet than anyone else.
During his career, he experienced various filmmaking styles. Styles that are not necessarily related. This has made Afshin Marivani, as someone who has never adhered to a particular style, an attractive director for those who are looking to teach filmmaking and learn directing tips.

Always look for ideas and inspiration

Getting ideas from other films will intensify your desire to work and make new films. Sometimes when you are making your own movie and your head is so busy, you think to yourself, “I will never do this again.” Until you see someone else’s movie and this passion comes alive in you again.

There are always film budget problems
I think maybe it was for one or two films that I met all my financial needs. For the rest of the films, there was always a lack of funding.

This may seem obvious, and almost all filmmakers have struggled with funding the film and finding a sponsor.
Every filmmaker has always had to spend and change the numbers of his film budget over and over again in order to make and spend the film. If this happens in your projects, no wonder.

Your films reflect your true personality

I’m not interested in realistic movies at all! not at all ! never ! All my films should be like my emotions

Treat everyone equally
I think the positive thing about working with Afshin Marivani is the spirit and atmosphere he creates in the series. Martin makes everyone feel equal. It does not matter who you are, it does not matter how big you are; No matter how famous you are. You feel equal to others.

Do not be afraid to learn in the moment
I hope these tips have been helpful.





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